Local Law 6 - Bathing Reserves

Local Law 6 (Bathing Reserves) 2011 (PDF,147kB) and Subordinate Local Law 6 (Bathing Reserves) 2011 (PDF,70kB) applies across the Fraser Coast region being originally gazetted on 14 February 2014 and amendments adopted 2 December 2015.

This law provides control measures to enhance the public safety and convenience within bathing reserves under the control of the local government through management and regulation of activities within these reserves.

The Local Law 6 - Bathing Reserves deals with the establishment of bathing reserves and the conduct of activities within the bathing reserves, including:

  • The designation and management of safe, supervised bathing areas within bathing reserves
  • The regulation of conduct and the use of aquatic equipment within bathing reserves
  • The assignment of responsibility to life-saving clubs for managing, patrolling and supervising bathing reserves
  • The appointment and powers of authorised persons to manage
  • Enforce the regulation of conduct within bathing reserves.

Under Subordinate Local Law No. 6 (Bathing Reserves) adopted in 2011, boats and jet skis are prohibited within the areas defined in the 'restricted equipment map' for the safety of swimmers.

Obtaining copies

Copies of the local and subordinate laws can be obtained from Council's administration centres, 77 Tavistock Street, Torquay or 211-213 Adelaide Street, Maryborough.

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