Council Elections

Local government elections are held every four years.

The most recent local government election was held on Saturday 16 March 2024.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland is currently counting the votes with the results updated progressively here -

2024 Local Government Elections

Election Enquiries

The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) is responsible for the local government elections.

For information on upcoming elections and how to vote, head to the ECQ's website or phone 1300 881 665.

To find your local council division, visit the ‘where is my electorate?’ page, type in your address and remember to switch the tab to Local Government.

Divisional boundary changes for the 2024 election

Divisional boundaries are reviewed in the year before the local government elections, as required by law.

The Local Government Change Commission has completed its review of the divisional boundaries of the Fraser Coast Regional Council to ensure there is a reasonable proportion of voters across all divisions.

The final report and maps can be viewed on the ECQ website.  

You can find your address on the interactive map below to check your division.

Interactive map of divisional boundaries

Election Signage

For information view our election signage page, or view the election signs fact sheet.

Last updated 25/10/2023

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