Disasters - Know your risk

Understanding your risk is everyone’s responsibility. Council, along with emergency service agencies and non-government organisations can provide the tools like this website, the disaster dashboard and numerous applications to help the community make informed decisions based on risk. Once you know the risks in your area, you can take steps to find out how best to protect your property, possessions, business and family. 

Natural disasters are common in Queensland and the Fraser Coast Region has seen many disasters happen including more recently the Mary River flooding of 2022, K'gari (formally Fraser Island) bushfires in 2021 and severe weather including flash flooding and tornadoes. 

Queensland has been the most disaster-prone State over the past decade. The total economic cost over this period has averaged $11bn per year, and there are also the personal and emotional cost disasters have on the community. The Fraser Coast Local Government Area is not immune to the impacts of disaster events and in the last 10 years alone the region has been impacted by multiple fire, flood, and storm events. Visit our Historical Events page to see what disasters have occurred in the Fraser Coast region.

The Fraser Coast Local Disaster Management Group have identified the following types of disasters as being a risk to the Fraser Coast region.

Once you understand the risks and what can happen in your area, you should then make a plan and GET READY!

Disaster management activites calendar

Disaster Management Activities Calendar

Disasters and Emergencies