Environmental Protection

Every person has a general environmental duty to ensure that they take all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent or minimise environmental harm due to any activity that they undertake.

Environmental harm is any adverse impact on a quality or physical characteristic of the environment and includes an environmental nuisance.

Council's Environmental Health Officers are authorised under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 to investigate environmental nuisance complaints that relate to air, water, noise, light, odour, or contamination.

Environmentally relevant activities

An environmentally relevant activity is an activity that is required to be approved by either Council or State Government due to its potential to damage or pollute the environment (air, land, water and noise).

The applicant for registration of an environmentally relevant activity must be a legal entity (e.g. person(s) or company).

To operate an environmentally relevant activity, you will be required to apply for development approval and environmental authority.

An application for an environmental authority cannot be made if, under the Planning Act, a development permit for a material change of use is required and the development application has not been made.

A full list of the environmentally relevant activities is available in the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008.

Reference Activity
ERA 6  Asphalt manufacture
ERA 12(1) & 12(2) Plastic product manufacture
ERA 19 Metal forming
ERA 20.1 & 20.2(a) Scrap metal yard
ERA 38.1(a) Surface coating
ERA 49 Boat maintenance or repair
ERA 61 Waste incineration and thermal treatment

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