Be Prepared - Get Ready

Get Ready Queensland

Natural disasters impact thousands of Queenslanders every year. Being prepared and knowing what to do is the best way you can protect your family. Get Ready Queensland will help you to get ready in 3 easy steps.

Fraser Coast Emergency Guide

Council has prepared a Fraser Coast Emergency Guide (PDF) which includes a set of handy guides to assist and enable you to complete your own emergency preparations.

The active preparation and participation of all in our community is key to our resilience, survival and collective ability to recover.

Each year from November to April our region is in the acknowledged storm and cyclone season. It is important to remain vigilant during this period and be prepared for emergency situations. Download the Maryborough flooding booklet (PDF) for more information. 

There are certain action you can take to prepare yourself for natural disasters.
  1. Be alert during the storm season; read the warning signs and be vigilant to awareness/warning messages.
  2. Monitor Council's Disaster Dashboard and Opt-In to receive emergency notifications.
  3. Review your emergency household plan.
  4. Establish family/friend contacts  in case you have to evacuate (create awareness).
  5. Establish contact with the Community Resilience Network if one is active in your community.
  6. Have in place an emergency kit/evacuation kit.
  7. Ensure adequate supplies of medication for sustainability during an event (minimum of 3 days).
  8. Make adequate provision for your pets.
  9. Contact Council if you or members of your family need assistance to evacuate.
  10. Help others in your neighbourhood.

Disasters and Emergencies