Public Swimming pools

Council's Subordinate Local Law No. 1 places an obligation on operators of public swimming pools to ensure that public health and safety concerns are adequately managed.

A public swimming pool requiring an approval under the Local Law does not include a resort or residential complex that is predominantly occupied by permanent residents (i.e. more than 50% of residences within the complex have a minimum duration of stay of 6 months or longer).

All public swimming pools require approval and registration with Council.

Refer to application - operation of public swimming pools.

Conditions will ordinarily be imposed on an approval and will include the pool operators being required to demonstrate that they have measures in place to monitor pool water quality and to protect the health of swimmers.

Chemical water quality testing will be required to be undertaken based on the level of risk associated with the number of people using the pool and in compliance with the Water Quality Guidelines for Public Aquatic Facilities guidelines on Queensland Health's Pools, spas and other recreational water bodies webpage.

Swimming pool water quality may be affected by:

  • The number of people swimming in a pool at any one time
  • Chlorine levels which reduce over time
  • particularly when exposed to sunlight 

Subordinate Local Law No. 1  requires the pool operator to undertake chemical water quality testing in accordance with

High-risk activities - 300+ bed hotel, motel, resort; or learn to swim centre; aquatic centre; public pools.

Pool/spa water chemical tests should be carried out three (3) times per day, and the results recorded in a log book.

Medium risk - 101-299 bed hotel, motel, resort; or school; or caravan park (in excess of 100 sites). Pool/spa water chemical tests should be carried out one (1) time per day, and the results recorded in a log book.
Low risk - 100 beds or less bed hotel, motel or resort. Pool/spa chemical tests are carried out one (1) time per day during the months of November to March, and one (1) time per week at all other times and the results recorded in a log book.

Log books are required to be kept at the premises and made readily available. 

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