Bin Collection

If your bin has been missed, please report it within 48hrs using our online form below. Please leave your bin out until the collection is complete.

General waste and recycling 

Find out the regular collection day for your general waste and recycling bin, how to report lost, stolen or damaged bins and how to report missed collections.
You can even book an extra bin pick up or event waste services for a small fee.

For a smooth collection, please ensure:

  • Bins are on the kerbside (not the gutter or road) with the opening facing the road by 6am on your collection day.
  • Bins are left at least one (1) metre apart from each other.
  • Bins are not overfilled. The lid must close properly.
  • Bins do not weigh more than 75kg.
  • There are no cars, trees or overhead wires blocking access to your bins.
  • Bin/s are only placed out 24 hours prior to your collection day and retrieved within 24 hours after collection.


  • Type your address below to find your weekly general waste and fortnightly recycling day.
    Download and print a recycling calendar to keep track of your A week or B week recycling day.
    REMINDER: Place your bins out by 6am on collection day.

  • Complete the online form below to:


  • Complete the online form below to:


  • To order a one-off additional bin pick up please phone us on 1300 79 49 29 to arrange the collection and make payment. 

    One-off extra services are charged at a small fee each time you book. 

    Extra services for recycle bins are not available on weekends therefore are only scheduled Monday to Friday.

    Before calling Customer Service please be aware:

    • We require 2 business days from receipt of payment to process your request
    • Outlying suburbs are only serviced on specific days therefore a longer wait will occur.
    • Bin/s must be left out until collection is complete.
  • If you are having a community event, you can book general waste and recycle bins via the online form below or by calling 1300 79 49 29.

    Event waste bins must be booked one (1) week prior to your event. An additional $87.60 late fee per bin, if bins are requested within 5 days of the event

    Council offers two (2) types of event waste options:
    Free of charge: Bins are supplied free of charge (maximum 12 free), where the event organiser collects, empties and returns cleaned bins. 240L (wheelie) general waste or/and recycle. 
    Fees apply: Bins are delivered, collected, emptied and cleaned. Charges vary depending on the bin type and size. View pricing here. Sizes: 240L (wheelie), 3.3m3 bulk or 15m3 skip. General waste or/and recycle.

    A guide for booking bins: 

    Number of people attending Guide to number of bins required
    0 -100 4 x 240L bins 
    100 - 300 6 x 240L bins
    300 - 500 8 x 240L bins
    Per 200 persons above 500 additional 2 x 240L bins

    Complete the online form below and a Council officer will contact you to confirm and arrange payment (if required).


  • When you move premises, bins must remain with the property. Do not take them to your new premises.

    If you arrive at a new residence and the bins are missing or if you have newly built property within Council's waste collection area, complete the form below and we will deliver new bins to you.