Council offers a range of grant programs to support projects, activities and events across the region.

Our grant programs offer the following opportunities for groups and, in some instances, individuals, to apply for support to undertake activities that benefit the community of the Fraser Coast Local Government Area.

Refer to the available grants section below to apply:

Grant Open Total Pool Grant Limit

Community Grants


Please ensure you check Guidelines for eligible project dates.

Applications open at 12:01am on the opening date and close at 3pm on the closing date.

Round 1
Opens: 22 July 2024
Closes: 19 August 2024

Round 2
Opens: 7 October 2024
Closes: 4 November 2024

Round 3
Opens: 20 January 2025
Closes: 17 February 2025

Round 4
Opens: 24 March 2025
Closes: 21 April 2025

$247,000 for projects and events to be spread over 4 rounds during the financial year with $61,750 notionally allocated per round. 

Groups can apply for funding from $500 to $15,000 as cash.

Maximum 2 applications per group per annum will be funded.

Maximum grant limit of $15,000 per annum will be funded (amount is inclusive of the value of any in-kind services provided by any Council Department).

Individual Excellence and Development Grants - Sport and STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics


Opens: 19 July 2024
Closes: 30 June 2025

Grants will close early if funds are expended.

$3,450 $150 to $350

Australia Day 2024


Opened: 4 September 2023
Closed: 3pm, 2 October 2023
$7,500 $500 to $2,000

Desktop Computer Donations


Opened: 10 July 2023
Closed: 28 March 2024
May reopen for applications once more computers become available. 


Community Grants - Festive Events


Opened: 28 August 2023
Closed: 3pm, 25 September 2023
$10,000 $500 to $2,000

Community Grants – Small Township Festive Decorations


Opened: 28 August 2023
Closed: 3pm, 25 September 2023
$10,000 $500 to $2,000

Wellbeing and Resilience Grants


Closed: 23 June 2023 $90,000 $20,000 per grant



Opened: 11 October 2023
Closes: 12 August 2024
$50,000 Grant limits vary depending on funding category.

Major Regional Events Sponsorships

Applications are accepted throughout the year and presented every two months to the Fraser Coast Events Advisory Committee for assessment or until funding is expended.
Sport and Recreation Capital Assistance Closed: 5 December 2022 $100,000 Minimum $5,000
Maximum $10,000
(per project)

Grant programs have guidelines specific to each program. Please check each particular grant program guidelines for further details.

Council Grants Program Process (PDF)

Grants information

  • The Major Regional Events Sponsorship program supports the outcomes expressed in the Fraser Coast Regional Events Strategy 2020 -2024. The strategy aims to position the Fraser Coast as an event-friendly destination through efficient and effective support of a vibrant, balanced calendar of events with a focus on a high return on investment in increased overnight visitation and visitor expenditure which contributes to the local economy.

    Event organisers can apply if they meet the conditions stipulated in the Guidelines.

    Interested applicants are requested to phone the Event Advisory Services on 1300 79 49 29 or Email to discuss their proposal first.  

    The program accepts applications throughout the year and presented every two months to the Fraser Coast Events Advisory Committee for assessment or until funding is expended .

    Funding is for requests upwards of $10,000 with no upper limit specified. Applicants, however, should be mindful of the total amount of funding available, meeting key criteria, providing suitable supporting documentation and request an appropriate amount for the value of their event. Multi-year contracts can also be requested.

    Fraser Coast Regional Events Strategy 2020-2024

  • Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)

    The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between state and local Government to invest in quality arts and cultural experiences across Queensland based on locally determined priorities.

    RADF promotes the role and value of arts, culture and heritage as key drivers to support diversity and inclusivity; grow strong regions; and provide training, education and employment opportunities for Queensland artists and local communities.

    RADF is a flexible fund, enabling Councils to tailor RADF programs to suit the needs of their community.

    Applications opened 11 October 2023 and close 12 August 2024.

    Apply now  Guidelines

  • At its Ordinary Meeting held on 15 July 2022, Council adopted a Councillor Discretionary Funds Policy which sets out the purpose and scope for spending discretionary funds.

    Funding for 2024-2025

    The following amounts have been allocated for discretionary funds in the 2024/2025 budget:

    • Mayor: $8,740
    • Divisional (per Councillor): $8,740

    The Council's Councillor discretionary fund actively supports community purpose initiatives that provide services to the Fraser Coast region.

    There are guidelines and eligibility requirements when applying for a Councillor discretionary fund community grant.

    Councillor's Discretionary Fund

  • The purpose of the Sport and Recreation Capital Assistance Fund is to:

    • Assist the long term sustainability of community sport and active recreation groups who play a Vital role in providing avenues for increased participation in physical activity and improving the health and wellbeing of the Fraser Coast Community; and,
    • Build capacity in the sporting and active recreation community to meet and respond to Council’s goals, as outlined in the Corporate Plan.

    Council encourages community organisations to actively share resources and will look favourably on joint club applications or multi-use projects.

    Council uses the Australian Sports Directory to confirm whether a sport or recreational pursuit is recognised.
    Please check this list before you commence an application.

    Applicants must discuss their proposed project with Council’s Sport and Recreation Development Coordinator on 4197 4518.

    Grants will not be provided to individuals.

    Closed 5 December 2022.

  • Applications closed 23 June 2023.

Successful Applicants

  • Grants approved under Round Two of the 2023/24 Community Grants program include:

    • Hervey Bay Australian Football and Cricket Club, lawn mower, $10,000;
    • Burrum District Community Centre Association, solar panels; $10,000;
    • Fraser Coast Hervey Bay Combined Probus, support for day trips around the region, $700;
    • Hervey Bay Croquet and Mallet Sports Club, solar panels for the club house, $5000;
    • Riding for Disabled Association Maryborough, completion of an indoor equestrian arena fence and purchase of an arena rake, $6000;
    • Hervey Bay Ukulele Music Pickers and Strummers, sound equipment, $2500;
    • Hervey Bay Squash, masters tournament, $1433;
    • Meals on Wheels Fraser Coast, bratt pan to assist in preparing meals, $3000;
    • Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre, Global Beats – Harmony Day celebration, $3000;
    • Poona Community Progress Association, installation of all-weather outdoor blinds at the community hall, $5000;
    • Burrum Heads Community Association, ANZAC Day march and service, $1756.20;
    • Maryborough Australian Football Club, undercover grandstand seating, $1500;
    • Maryborough and District Animal Refuge Society, four air conditioners, $6733;
    • Bauple Community Shed, shed upgrade, $11,152;
    • Hervey Bay Swimming Club, backstroke ledges, $3218.

    Click on the link below to read the media release:

    Media Release

  • Poona Community Progress Association, $1500. Australia Day event starts at 10am with a morning tea with lamingtons, damper and billy tea provided. Events throughout the day include thong throwing, indoor bowls, community cricket and tennis. A barbecue will be served at 1pm followed by live music and a poet entertaining the crowd until 6pm.

    The Rotary Club of Maryborough-Sunrise Inc, $600. Activities will include a free community breakfast, games such as thong throwing and three-legged races, billy tea and damper and a flag raising ceremony.

    Hervey Bay Historical Society Museum Association had also applied for and was successful in receiving a Community Celebration Events and Projects sponsorship from Council. The $5000 sponsorship from Council will go towards three community events at the Hervey Bay Historical Village and Museum – a Christmas celebration, an antiques and handcrafts fair and an Australia Day celebration. 

    Click here to read the media release

  • Community groups from throughout the Fraser Coast will share in almost $22,000 in Council festive grants to decorate the streets of small towns and help stage Christmas and New Year’s Eve events.

    Click here to view the media release

  • Council approved almost $56,000 in grants to assist 16 local community groups and not-for-profit organisations under the first round of the 2023/24 Community Grants program.

    Click here to view the media release


Contact us

For further information please contact Council's Grants Officer on phone 1300 79 49 29.

Ensure your group is registered on Council’s grants distribution list to receive information on funding opportunities. Please email to check or add your group.

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