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Code Response Templates Code Response Templates

When submitting a development application to Council, an applicant is required to include a response to the relevant Planning Scheme code(s).

To assist with the preparation of a response to the relevant code(s), Council has prepared Planning Scheme code response templates for applicants to use.

Code Response templates

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6.2.01 Low density res zone code.docx 23.3k
6.2.02 Medium density res zone code.docx 22.3k
6.2.03 High density res zone code.docx 25.9k
6.2.04 Principle centre zone code.docx 25.5k
6.2.05 District centre zone code.docx 26.0k
6.2.06 Local centre zone code.docx 25.3k
6.2.07 Neighbourhood centre zone code.docx 22.7k
6.2.08 Low impact industry zone code.docx 24.2k
6.2.09 Medium impact industry zone code.docx 24.0k
6.2.10 High impact industry zone code.docx 23.3k
6.2.11 Waterfront and marine industry zone code.docx 23.6k
6.2.12 Sport and recreation zone code.docx 19.8k
6.2.13 Open space zone code.docx 19.1k
6.2.14 Environmental management and conservation zone code.docx 19.7k
6.2.15 Community facilities zone code.docx 23.1k
6.2.16 Emerging community zone code.docx 25.5k
6.2.17 Limited development (constrained land) zone code.docx 20.9k
6.2.18 Mixed use zone code.docx 37.5k
6.2.19 Rural zone code.docx 21.5k
6.2.20 Rural residential zone code.docx 21.9k
6.2.21 Specialised centre zone code.docx 23.8k
7.2.1 Doolong Flats - Ghost Hill Emerging Community Local Plan Code .doc 268.0k
7.2.2 Eli Waters Dundowran Emerging Community Local Plan Code.doc 583.0k
7.2.3 Granville Emerging Community Local Plan Code.doc 149.5k
7.2.4 Kawungan North East Emerging Community Local Plan Code.doc 126.0k
7.2.5 Maryborough Principal Activiy Centre Local Plan Code.doc 174.0k
7.2.6 Nikenbah Emerging Community Local Plan Code - Copy.doc 145.5k
7.2.7 Pialba Principal Activity Centre Local Plan Code.doc 320.0k
7.2.8 St Helens Emerging Community Local Plan Code.doc 147.0k
8.2.01 Acid Sulfate Soils Overlay Code.doc 170.5k
8.2.02 Agricultural Land Overlay Code.doc 52.5k
8.2.03 Airport and Aviation Facilities Overlay Code.doc 165.0k
8.2.04 Biodiversity Areas, Waterways and Wetlands Overlay Code.doc 119.5k
8.2.05 Bushfire Hazard Overlay Code.doc 82.5k
8.2.06 Coastal Protection Overlay Code.doc 120.0k
8.2.07 Extractive Resources Overlay Code.doc 81.5k
8.2.08 Flood Hazard Overlay Code.doc 63.0k
8.2.09 Heritage and Neighbourhood Character Overlay Code.doc 173.5k
8.2.10 Infrastructure Overlay Code - Copy.doc 123.5k
8.2.11 Water Resources Catchments Overlay Code.doc 72.5k
8.2.12 Fraser and Great Sandy Strait Islands Overlay Code - Copy.doc 95.5k
9.3.01 Business Uses Code.docx 45.0k
9.3.02 Caretaker's Accommodation Code.docx 28.5k
9.3.03 Community Activities Code.docx 30.1k
9.3.04 Dual Occupancy Code.docx 2,102.3k
9.3.05 Dwelling House Code.docx 31.3k
9.3.06 Extractive Industry Code.docx 29.6k
9.3.07 Home Based Business Code.docx 29.8k
9.3.08 Industry Uses Code.docx 36.5k
9.3.09 Market Code.docx 29.4k
9.3.10 Multi-unit Residential Uses Code.docx 41.6k
9.3.11 Nature Based Tourism Code.docx 31.4k
9.3.12 Relocatable Home Park and Tourist Park Code.docx 34.6k
9.3.13 Residential Care Facility and Retirement Facility Code.docx 32.6k
9.3.14 Rural Uses Code.docx 37.5k
9.3.15 Sales Office Code.docx 24.4k
9.3.16 Service Station Code.docx 29.2k
9.3.17 Telecommunications Facility Code.docx 28.0k
9.3.18 Utility Code.docx 30.4k
9.4.1 Advertising Devices Code.docx 260.0k
9.4.2 Landscaping Code.docx 32.3k
9.4.3 Reconfiguring a Lot Code.docx 48.6k
9.4.4 Transport and Parking Code.docx 44.3k
9.4.5 Vegetation Management Code.docx 26.7k
9.4.6 Works Services and Infrastructure Code.docx 38.5k
9.4.7 Ship-sourced Pollutants Reception Facilities in Marinas Code.docx 26.4k
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