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Infrastructure Charges and Incentives Infrastructure Charges and Incentives

Under the Planning Act 2016, infrastructure charges are triggered and levied on development approvals for reconfiguring a lot (RAL), material change of use (MCU) and building work (BD/DBW) as a contribution towards the cost of trunk infrastructure provided to service development.

For development approved prior to 1 July 2011, infrastructure contributions and/or charges continue to apply in accordance with the development approval and legislation at the time issued.

All new development approvals issued on and from 1 July 2011 are currently governed by local government adopted infrastructure charges resolutions.

Council’s Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (PDF,345kB) was adopted and came in to effect on 1 September 2018. The purpose of the resolution is to establish and adopt infrastructure charges for water, sewerage, transport, stormwater and parks/community land networks.

Infrastructure Charges Register

Pursuant to the Planning Act 2016, a local government is to keep a register of all of the Infrastructure Charges levied by Council.

These registers will be automatically updated here on a monthly basis, and can also be viewed in hard copy at the Development Counter, Hervey Bay Administration Centre, 77 Tavistock Street, Torquay.

Infrastructure Charges Incentives Administration Policy

Council’s Infrastructure Charges Incentives Administration policy (PDF,1MB) outlines the financial incentives available to developers and establishes the criteria for eligibility according to the type of development and its location within the Fraser Coast Regional Council area. The policy will ensure consistency in application and provide certainty to applicants.

Infrastructure Charges Factsheets

Factsheets and application forms relating to each of Council's current Infrastructure charges incentives can be located below

Subsidy amount
Incentive 1 -Residential Delayed Payment Delayed payment of reconfiguring a lot infrastructure charges until the sale of the lots created or 2 years whichever is earlier, subject to agreement to the terms and conditions

Fact Sheet
Online Application


Incentive 2a –
Residential Infill

Fact Sheet

Online Application

Incentive 2b – Over
50s Lifestyle Village


Fact Sheet

Online Application

Incentive 2c – Tourist
Parks and Tourist Attraction

Fact Sheet

Online Application

Incentive 2d – Small Lot Residential Development

Fact Sheet

Online Application


Incentive 3a – industrial activities 50%





Fact Sheet

Online Application





Incentive 3b – medical-related activities 50%
Incentive 3c – business activities 50%
Incentive 3d – tourism activities 50%
Incentive 3e – rural industry 50%


incentive 4 cBD subsidy amount document
Incentive 4 – CBD and nodal development 100%

Fact Sheet
Online Application


incentive 5 ROLL-IN PROVISIONS subsidy amount document
Incentive 5 – Roll-in provisions for Local Government areas of Maryborough, Tiaro and Woocoo, and townships of Howard and Torbanlea
a. Preservation of existing charges for Material Change of Use; and
b. Flat rate charge for Reconfiguring a Lot applications:
- $10,000 per lot if  serviced with reticulated water & sewerage; or
- $7,500 per lot if not serviced by reticulated water and/or sewer

Fact Sheet
Online Application


incentive 6  SPECIAL OR SIGNIFICANT BENEFIT subsidy amount document
Incentive 6 - Special or Significant benefit  Up to 100%

Fact Sheet
Online Application


Lodgement of applications

Applications for incentives are to be made in writing on the appropriate application form and addressed to:

Executive Manager Planning and Growth
Fraser Coast Regional Council
PO Box 1943
Hervey Bay Qld 4655

or via email

Applications can also be made online Infrastructure Charges Incentive Application Form.

Applications for incentives should include the following:

  • Completed application form
  • Applicable supporting documentation

Contact us

Contact Council's Development and Planning Department on phone 1300 79 49 29 for further assistance.