Election signage

Section 36 of the Local Government Act 2009 (the Act) provides that a local government must not make a local law that prohibits the placement of election signs or posters.

The intent of these provisions is to protect the implied constitutional guarantee of freedom of political communication.

Election signs are a regulated activity under Fraser Coast Regional Council’s Local Laws. 

Our requirements – the do’s and don’ts of election signage.

Specific requirements relating to election signage and placement of election signage are outlined on the Council’s factsheet.

What is an election sign?

Election signs are defined in Fraser Coast Regional Council’s Subordinate Local Law No. 1 (Administration) 2019, as a sign or poster that is:

a. Visible from a road or other public place; and
b. Able, or is intended, to –
     i. Influence a person about voting at any government election, or
     ii. Affect the result of any government election.

Display Period

Election signs must not be erected or displayed until an election has been officially announced by the Government Gazette on 29 January 2024.  At the conclusion of the election polling day, election signs must be removed within 7 days.

Election Signage on Vehicles

The display of election signage on vehicles is regulated under state legislation and by the Queensland Police Service. 

Notwithstanding, parking laws remain applicable.

Additional election signage requirements

In addition, the following requirements apply to Election Signage:

Further information for the latest information on divisional maps, election dates, enrolment and electoral rolls, voting and nominations, visit Electoral Commission Queensland.

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