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Council-adopted policies provide direction for officers to assist in undertaking relevant duties.

Policy documents

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Acceptable Requests Guidelines for Councillors and Employees.pdf 327.0k
Advertising.pdf 152.1k
Amenity and Aesthetics Considerations for Development (Amenity and Aesthetic Impact of Shipping Containers and Railway Carriages).pdf 160.4k
Amenity and Aesthetics Considerations for Development - Removal Resiting a Dwelling 338.2k
Aquatic Plant Management.pdf 366.7k
Audit Committee Charter.pdf 352.2k
Audit Committee.pdf 392.7k
Burial Rights.pdf 310.5k
Car Parking 2,780.3k
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).pdf 141.1k
Commemorative Plaques and Memorials.pdf 260.5k
Commercial Activity on Community Land.pdf 454.5k
Community Engagement.pdf 132.1k
Community Grants Scheme.pdf 166.2k
Community Groups Concessions.pdf 272.2k
Community Nursery Native Plant Donation.pdf 211.4k
Competitive Neutrality Complaints.pdf 264.4k
Complaints against the Chief Executive Officer 262.6k
Complaints Management Policy.pdf 290.9k
Conservation Areas Rates Rebate.pdf 157.1k
Corporate Gifts Promotional items and giveaways.pdf 260.7k
Councillor Attendance Policy.pdf 173.3k
Councillor Complaints Investigation.pdf 204.4k
Councillor Discretionary Funds Policy.pdf 278.1k
Customer Behaviour Policy.pdf 141.1k
Debt.pdf 173.0k
Debt Recovery.pdf 171.2k
Disaster Management Levy.pdf 221.3k
Emerging Community Local Plan Area Infrastructure Agreement Policy.pdf 361.1k
Entertainment and Hospitality.pdf 151.7k
Expenses Reimbursement and Provision of Facilities for Mayor and Councillors.pdf 319.8k
Fees and Charges Waiver or Reduction Policy.pdf 115.0k
Financial Hardship Policy.pdf 869.8k
Fraser Coast Heritage and Character Incentive Scheme Policy - Guidelines.pdf 454.4k
Fraser Coast Heritage and Character Incentive Scheme Policy.pdf 244.5k
Fraud Prevention and Investigation.pdf 497.4k
Grant Applications.pdf 267.5k
Guidelines for nominations for, inclusion in, removal from, or alteration of the FC Local Heritage Register .pdf 330.4k
Heritage Advisory Service.pdf 255.7k
Inclusive Communities.pdf 283.3k
Infrastructure Charges Incentives Administrative Policy.pdf 672.7k
Internal Audit Charter.pdf 327.7k
Internal Audit.pdf 424.4k
Investment Attraction Incentive.pdf 107.7k
Investment.pdf 282.6k
Land Lease Assistance for Community Groups.pdf 449.0k
Local Heritage Register Rates Concession.pdf 199.9k
Media.pdf 211.5k
Non-current Assets.pdf 362.7k
Pension Concession Policy.pdf 223.8k
Procurement Policy.pdf 343.2k
Public Interest Disclosure Management.pdf 459.5k
Recognition of Achievement - Keys to the City 91.8k
Related Party Disclosures Policy.pdf 215.9k
Revenue Policy and Statement.pdf 281.1k
Risk Assessment Procedure -Calculation & Rating.pdf 158.1k
Risk Management.pdf 138.8k
Service and Asset Management.pdf 148.4k
Shoreline Erosion Protection Structures - Contribution and Cost Recovery.pdf 432.9k
Sister City - Friendship City Management.pdf 281.0k
Sponsorship policy including fees and charges waiver and in-kind support.pdf 146.3k
Standing order for the conduct of Council and committee meetings.pdf 260.8k
Sunsmart.pdf 122.7k
Tree Management.pdf 3,378.9k
Unauthorised Vegetation Damage on Council Land.pdf 403.2k
Unformed Roads.pdf 400.0k
Use of Road Reserves (Nature Strips) for Streetscape Enhancement.pdf 1,201.0k
Vehicle Crossover (Driveway).pdf 236.7k
Waste Management Fee Concession.pdf 267.6k
Waste Management.pdf 228.3k
Showing 1 - 70 of 72 results.
Items per Page 70
of 2