Tenders and Quotations

Council uses LG tender box, an e-tendering solution that enables suppliers to download tender documents online.

Tenderers must be registered with LG Tender Box to download documents, request information and submit tenders. This is a simple process and is a one-off registration. 

Current tenders

Below is a list of current tenders.

Further information on each tender can be obtained from LG Tender Box.

CTIS001-20/21 - Raward Road open channel upgrade stage 4B FCRC009718 Closes 25 June 2020
CTIS002-20/21 - Caddy Avenue/Wedge Street rehabilitation FCRC009930 Closes 25 June 2020
CTDC001-19/20 - Brolga Theatre workshop and storage FCRC009614 Closes 18 June 2020
WBW216-19/20 - Aubinville STP: Civil and Mechanical Construction works FCRC009659 Closes 4 June 2020

Register of contracts

To view, the list of awarded tenders worth $200,000 or more see below.

Register of contracts

LG tender box

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Prequalified suppliers

Register of prequalified suppliers

Contact us

For further information contact Council's Procurement Officer on 1300 79 49 29 or email procurement@frasercoast.qld.gov.au