Free Public WiFi

The best things in life are free... like our WiFi.

For tourists and locals alike, having access to free WiFi can make or break a day out and about. Whether you’re posting on Instagram, catching up with friends on Messenger, reading the news, or checking your email, here’s some info on free WiFi on the Fraser Coast. 

Fraser Coast Regional Council provides free WiFi in the following locations:

- Maryborough Town Hall Green
- WetSide Water Park 
- SkateSide and the Seafront Oval
- Hervey Bay Airport and
- Fraser Coast Libraries.

The free service will operate from 7am to 7pm, seven days a week with extended hours when events occur at the Seafront Oval or in the Maryborough CBD.

Data will be limited to 1GB per person per day and the system will have basic content filtering to block adult content, and gambling.

    1. On your device search your wireless networks and select 'Fraser Coast Free WiFi'
    2. You will need to read and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
    3. A landing page will then load and you are ready to begin surfing the internet courtesy of Fraser Coast Regional Council
  • The current coverage area provides free public WiFi in the following areas:

    • Maryborough Town Hall Green
    • WetSide Water Park
    • SkateSide, Pialba 
    • Seafront Oval
    • Hervey Bay Airport
    • Fraser Coast Libraries 


  • Wi-Fi Usage

    Users have a download limit of 1GB per person per day (24 hours from midnight). Once this limit is reached users will need to wait until after midnight when limits are reset before reconnecting to this service.

    The free WiFi service is provided for general use and is not intended to be used for business purposes. Council may choose to limit downloads and connection times and use content filtering systems as a part of this service. For full terms and conditions please read below.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. This WiFi service is provided by Infrastructure Logic Pty Ltd (“OneWiFi”, hereafter) ACN 159 004 065 (“we, us, our”) on behalf of Fraser Coast Regional Council (“Council”).
    2. This service is normally offered between 7am and 7pm, seven days a week.
    3. This WiFi service is provided in selected areas within the Fraser Coast region. The service is accessible at street level however no guarantees are provided as to coverage inside shops and premises.
    4. This WiFi service is for casual use by residents and visitors (“you, your”). It is not for use by business operators as a substitute for their own day-to- day retail business or office needs.
    5. OneWiFi may record information about your access, usage and device, to the extent permitted or required by law. OneWiFi is required by law to release information to the appropriate Government agencies under its Data Retention obligations (please refer to
    6. Limits on your length of use or amount of data downloaded may be enforced, and is subject to “Fair Use”, meaning we can withhold or limit service to you at any time without cause.
    7. The WiFi service does not provide unrestricted access to the Internet. Certain services like BitTorrent and others may be limited or unavailable to you.
    8. You may not use this service to download or upload any illegal or obscene material, nor for any illegal or malicious purpose, nor to interfere with any other user of this service. The Wi-Fi service may be monitored for illegal or obscene activities.
    9. The Wi-Fi service is NOT encrypted or protected. You are responsible for your own security and protection of your data and of your device. OneWiFi and Council do not guarantee confidentiality of any information transmitted via our network, nor of freedom from viruses or other malware. All transmissions may be monitored or stored.
    10. OneWiFi and Council are not liable for any loss or damage directly or indirectly from the use of the WiFi service.
    11. Location Information may be used and disclosed by OneWiFi to Council movement of your Mobile Device around the Fraser Coast region on an aggregated and anonymous basis.
    12. By signing your Mobile Device up to the service, you consent to your Location Information being collected, used and disclosed in this manner and to OneWiFi’s use of technology to connect to the service to determine the geographical location of the Mobile Device.
    13. You understand that OneWiFi and Fraser Coast Regional Council retain the right to limit or withhold your access to this service if you are found to be in breach of the above terms and conditions.
    14. The OneWiFi Helpdesk is available between 8am-6pm AEST, 7 days a week. The service can be reached on 1300 161 344.
    15. Alternatively you can contact OneWiFi via email:

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For more information please contact us on 1300 79 49 29 or email

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