What would Glenn do?

Taking a little extra time to sort your load before leaving home can save time and money at the waste facility. Sorting your load will make disposal of different materials at each of the designated collection points easy.

If a load is not sorted, it can be difficult to see what types of materials are in the load. This means in some cases, the attendant can only charge the highest rate. This is why sorting your load before leaving home is so important.

Sorting can be as simple as:

  • Grouping reusable items together (furniture, mowers, bikes, etc). 
  • Keeping recyclables together and flattening any large cardboard boxes. 
  • Sorting bricks and rubble together. 
  • Separating timber, metals, electronic waste and green waste from general rubbish.

All reusable items collected at our waste facilities are sold at our Tip Shops located at Maryborough and Nikenbah.

NOTE: It is now free to drop off polystyrene packaging (up to one cubic metre). Council has bought a machine that melts the polystyrene into bricks so it does not go to landfill. The bricks can be further processed to produce a range of products such as composite decking, picture frames and skirting boards.

Residents can help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill and save on fees by dropping these items in the designated areas.

  • Items Drop off location Exceptions
    Batteries Recycling shed  
    Oil/chemicals (up to 20L) Recycling shed Not accepted at Aramara 
    (up to 20L)
    Recycling shed Nikenbah and Maryborough only
    Polystyrene (up to 1m3) Recycling shed  
    Steel Metals drop off area  
    Fridges / Air Conditioners (de-gassed only) Metals drop off area  
    Co-mingled recycling:- 
    glass bottles and jars, hard plastic, steel and aluminium cans, clean paper and cardboard
    Recycling shed  
    Re-useable items:-
    useable old furniture, mowers, bikes etc
    Recycling shed  
    Gas bottles - empty (under 9kg) Recycling shed  
    Rims (only - no tyre attached) Recycling shed or steel drop off area  
    Green waste (up to 4m3 or 1 tonne) Green waste area Not accepted at Aramarra
    Electrical waste items:-
    kettles, toasters, irons etc
    Recycling shed  
    Electronic waste items:-
    mobiles, laptops, computers, televisions etc
    Recycling shed  


  • Items such as tyres, matresses, gassed fridges and air conditioners and gas bottles (over 9kg) will incure charges.


  • Council encourages residents to recycle their green waste by taking up to 4m3 or 1 tonne of clean garden waste for FREE to one of Council's landfill sites or transfer stations (excluding Aramara Transfer Station). 

    Please ensure your branches are no longer than 1.2m in length and 40cm in diameter.