Unauthorised Vegetation Damage

Unauthorised vegetation damage is the destruction, damage or injury to trees and vegetation that has not been approved or consented to by Council. Examples include poisoning, complete removal, ringbarking, pruning/lopping and mowing. Unauthorised vegetation damage results in the loss of important habitat, leading to reduced local biodiversity and the loss of an environmental resilience mechanism which provides protection to the land from storms (e.g. erosion and bank lumping) and hot, dry periods (e.g. heat mitigation and shade). Unauthorised vegetation damage is costly to rehabilitate and uses funds that could be spent on other, more positive projects.

Council’s Local Laws make it an offence to damage vegetation in any way, on Council-controlled land without the prior approval of Council. These Local Laws allow Council to take actions such as the installation of signage advising the public of illegal activities, issuing of fines for unauthorised vegetation damage, the making of orders for replanting trees at the offender's expense, and referring matters to the courts where warranted.

In providing fair and equitable services to the community, Council promotes the protection, maintenance and restoration of the natural environment and encourages all residents to use and enjoy these areas.

Please refer to Council's local laws for more information.

Unauthorised Vegetation Damage Policy