Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP)

The Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) forms part of the Planning Scheme.

The LGIP identifies the local government's plans for trunk infrastructure that is necessary to service urban development at a desired standard of service in a coordinated, efficient and financially sustainable manner.

The LGIP contains assumptions about the projected population, housing and employment growth. It documents the desired standards of service (DSS) and demand for infrastructure. Plans For Trunk Infrastructure (PFTI) identify the key infrastructure needed to service the existing and projected growth.

The LGIP details what trunk infrastructure is required, where it is required, when it is required and why it is required, allowing council to be in a better position to make decisions about development and funding allocations.

The LGIP is formed in accordance with the Planning Act 2016 and the Statutory guideline 03/14 Local Government Infrastructure Plans.

The LGIP is located in Part 4 and Schedule 3 of the Planning Scheme

Supporting materials for the LGIP are available via the links below:

Extrinsic materials identified in Part 4 of the LGIP

Land Use Planning

Fraser Coast Activity Centres & Employment Strategy August 2011

Social Infrastructure Needs Assessment August 2011

Sustainable Growth Strategy Final Report September 2011


Water Supply

Tiaro Water Supply 2010

Maryborough Water Supply Strategy 2010

Hervey Bay Water Supply Strategy 2009


Hervey Bay Waste Water Supply Strategy 2010

Maryborough Waste Water Supply Strategy 2010


Bunya Creek Catchment Flood Risk Reduction Study October 2006

Hervey Bay City Council Flood Risk Reduction Study:

- Appendix D Sawmill Creek

- Appendix F Moolyyir Creek

- Appendix N Pialba/Point Vernon Coastal Strip

Eli Creek Catchment Management Plan Volume 1 October 2003

Lowlands Lagoons Catchment Drainage Study November 2003

Pulgul Creek Catchment Flood Risk Reduction Study

Tooan Tooan Creek Flood Risk Reduction Study

Urangan Drainage Study July 2003


Parking Strategy 2031

Fraser Coast Regional Council Walk and Cycle Strategy March 2015

Integrated Transport Study April 2011

Planning Scheme, Policies and Infrastructure Charges