Fraser Coast Regional Council issues rate notices three (3) times per year, in July, November and March.

Rates and Charges Notices can be issued via email or mail.  Should you need to update your postal address or wish to request for notices to be issued via email, click here.

2024/2025 Rates and Charges
  • The Disaster Management Levy has been set at $27.90 per rateable property and continues to be levied for the purpose of contributing to Council’s flood cameras, online disaster dashboard, community resilience building projects and the SES. 

  • General Rates Capping for residential properties has been reduced to 10.5% for 2024/2025.  Rates Capping is used to limit the increase of the general rate for this financial year, compared to the general rate for last financial year to a particular percentage. For how to calculate or further information, please refer to the heading below.

  • Information regarding the State Government’s Emergency Management, Fire and Rescue Levy can be found at www.qfes.qld.gov.au

A new look Rating Category Statement has been introduced for 2024/2025.  The Rating Category Statement has been reduced in size and combined with the previously separate FAQ flyer.  This change delivers reduced printing costs for Council and lessens our impact on the environment. 

Full rates and charges are detailed in the Ratepayer Information section below.

  • To calculate the rates capping amount for 2024/2025 take the general rate charge from the previous financial year Cycle 3 Notice (less any Capping Adjustments showing on the Cycle 3 Notice) and multiply this by the limit on increase percentage for your general rate category of the current cycle.  Add this amount to the previous financial year Cycle 3 general rate charge amount and this is the maximum general rate for each cycle this financial year.

    Your rate notice will itemise the full general rate charge for your property on page 2 of the rate notice.  The full charge is your property’s land valuation multiplied by the category’s cents in the dollar. Where the calculated amount is less than the minimum rate, the minimum rate is applied.  This calculated amount is then divided by 3 and charged on each notice issued by Council for the financial year.

    Any Capping Adjustment will be itemised as a separate charge line on page 2 of your notice and is the difference between the full general rate and the maximum general rate amount for the cycle. 

    Rates notice breakdown

    Working Example:

    General rate charged on Cycle 3 notice was $414.00 for Category 1a and the property did not have any previous capping credits

    1. $414.00 x 10.5% = $43.47
    2. Add Cycle 3 charge = $457.47
    3. $457.47 is the maximum general rate that can be charged on each cycle notice for 24/25 – as this is limiting the increase of the general rate to 10.5% on the previous financial year
    4. This property has a new land valuation of $175,000 and is in Category 1a, so the full general rate charge for Cycle 1 is $488.00
    5. The difference between the Cycle 1 full general rate and the maximum general rate for 24/25 is $30.53

    A capping adjustment of CR $30.53 will be applied to each cycle notice in 2024/2025 to ensure that the general rate increase is not more than 10.5% compared to last year.  Should capping not have been applied, this example would have received a general rate increase of 17.8% based on the new land valuation.

    Please note: the limitation on increase will cease to apply from the start of the billing period following:

    • The transfer of ownership of land, or
    • The change to characteristics of the land which results in a change to the differential general rate category applicable to the land, or
    • Increases resulting from a property inspection or internal audit, or
    • Changes to Principal Place of Residence status, or
    • Changes to the configuration of the Land Area which results in an increase to the valuation
  • Online


    Your POST Billpay code and reference number can be found on the front of your notice.

    Council accepts Master and Visa cards only.

    Australia Post

    Australia Post is now accepting credit card payments for rates.

    Payment via direct debit

    With direct debit, you can choose the payment amount and how often you pay. You can cancel anytime.

    Payments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly or on the due date from your nominated bank account.

    To apply for direct debit, simply complete the Interactive direct debit request and/or amendment/cancellation form (PDF) and deliver to one of Council's Customer Service Centres or post to PO Box 1943, Hervey Qld 4655.

    Please note a direct debit agreement is not regarded by Council as being an acceptable payment plan for outstanding rates.

  • To update your postal address for all notices and correspondence issued by Council's Revenue Department, please click here.

  • If you hold a Queensland Pensioner Concession Card (issued by Centrelink or Department of Veterans’ Affairs) or a Queensland Department of Veterans’ Affairs Health Card for all conditions (Gold Card) and your property is your principal place of residence, you may be eligible for a concession on your rates. Please note that a Health Care Card, Queensland Seniors Card or Seniors Business Discount Card does not entitle the holder to receive a concession.

    Upon proof of eligibility the entitlement to the concession will commence from either:

    • The card date shown on the pension concession card;
    • The date the property becomes the principal place of residence; or,
    • The start of the current rating period.

    The date of commencement will be the earliest date from above criteria within the current rating period. There is no backdating to previous rating periods, regardless of previous eligibility.

    To enable Council to assess your eligibility please complete and return the application for Pensioner Concession on Rates form.

  • You can apply for Principal Place of Residence status on your property by completing the declaration form (below).
    Your situation must satisfy the definition provided in the Principal Place of Residence Policy.

    If you are granted Principal Place of Residence status, you are entitled to the owner-occupied general rating category of 1a for Urban or 1b for Non-Urban .


  • If you require a refund of overpaid rates via cheque or EFT, please complete and return the Request for Rates Refund form.

  • A property search contains detailed rates and charges information required for settlement purposes and information that the purchaser needs to know e.g. Current Financial Years rates and charges; including applicable issue periods, payments received and interest charged or accrued on the property account; etc.

    • Urgent property search - provided in three (3) working days from receipt of application and payment.
    • Standard property search - provided in five (5) to ten (10) working days from receipt of application and payment.

    To obtain a property search, please complete a property search request form and return to Council with payment of the appropriate fee.

    To obtain a written property search, please complete a property search / special water meter read application form and return to Council.

    To obtain Property Summary Application Form complete and return to Council.

    Payment is required on application. If submitting the form digitally, Council's Customer Service department will call you for payment via credit card.

  • There are no sales notices at present. 

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For further information, please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 1300 79 49 29 or email enquiry@frasercoast.qld.gov.au