Commercial and Industrial Waste

Commercial and industrial waste is classed as being generated by businesses, construction, offices, schools, restaurants and the like, containing a wide variety of different materials most of which are valuable and can be recycled.

Large quantities of commercial and industrial waste can be disposed of at Nikenbah and Maryborough Waste Facilities.
Small quantities of commercial and industrial waste (utes and trailers only) are accepted at all other Council waste facilities.

2022/2023 Commercial rates apply

Commercial charges



    • Sorting your load will make disposal of different materials easy.
    • If a load is not sorted, it can be difficult to see what type of materials are in the load meaning in some cases, you may be charged an incorrect price at the gate.
    • Sorting your load can save you money.

      It's as simple as:

    • Grouping reusable items together (furniture, fridges etc). 
    • Keeping recyclables together and flattening any large cardboard boxes. 
    • Sorting bricks and rubble together. 
    • Separating timber, metals, wood, paint, oils and green waste.
    • for more tips on sorting your load, check out what Glen would do.
  • The Queensland Government waste levy was introduced in July 2019.
    To find out more information about QLD Government’s waste disposal levy click here