Cyclone - helpful hints

A cyclone is a violent storm characterised by high winds rotating about a calm centre of low atmospheric pressure that can produce winds in excess of 200km/hr which can cause extensive damage.

Cyclone warnings

The Bureau of Meteorology issues a cyclone warning when a cyclone is expected a hit within 24 hours.

Warnings identify communities likely to be hit, the name of the cyclone, its position, intensity, severity and movement. Communities under threat will be advised to take certain steps.

  • Category 1 - wind gusts less than 125 km/hr
  • Category 2 - wind gusts 125 to 169 km/hr
  • Category 3 - wind gusts 170 to 224 km/hr
  • Category 4 - wind gusts 225 to 279 km/hr
  • Category 5 - wind gusts more than 280 km/hr

Preparing for a cyclone

There are many important things that you can do now to prepare your family and your home.

  • Tune in - to your local radio and TV stations
  • Log on - to the Bureau of Meteorology website
  • Listen out - to Emergency Alert messages sent to your phone
  • and Act! - Warnings are urgent. Act immediately on the advice provided.