Community Picnic - Gundiah



These picnics are jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

The goal is to bring people together and build community strength and resilience.

Each event will feature food, artisan workshops, and live entertainment.

At Gundiah, Leonie Kingdom will be performing live (to be confirmed) and free artist workshops will include:

  • Nancy Brown, Expressive Patterns
  • Zela Bissett, Flood Reflections
  • Catriona Holland, Weather BOM Collage

Mark your calendar and come along! 

Where: Gundiah Oval - School Road, Gundiah
When: Saturday, 31 August 2024

More info available at

Expressive Patterns Workshop: Nancy Brown

Join artist Nancy Brown for a creative exploration of patterns with words, print, drawing, and collage to express our sense of place and community resilience. In this workshop, you'll design black and white images using ink, stamps, fancy pens, and various drawing materials. Create your unique designs on postcards, which you can mail to yourself or friends. These postcards will not only arrive in your mailbox but also contribute to decorating our specially crafted ceramic tea sets for future tea gatherings. Come and share your artistic expression and community spirit through this engaging activity.

Weather BOM Collage Workshop: Catriona Holland

Discover the art within weather patterns in the Weather BOM Collage workshop. Inspired by the Bureau of Meteorology's radar images during extreme weather events, this workshop invites participants to recreate these vibrant and unique patterns using collage techniques. With coloured papers, you'll tear, shape, and assemble your interpretations of stormy weather, capturing the essence of your personal experiences. Whether reflecting on past weather events or imagining future rainfall, this workshop offers a creative outlet to explore and depict the dynamic beauty of weather phenomena.

Enliven the Space - Flood Reflections Workshop: Zela Bissett

Using Aquarelle pencils that dissolve into watercolours, you'll sketch and transform your drawings to reflect the changes brought by water, mirroring the unexpected shifts during flood events. Engage in a sharing circle to discuss personal flood experiences, then create and modify your art as a means of healing and reflection. This workshop offers a safe space to process emotions, foster resilience, and produce meaningful artworks that can become part of a collective community project.

Community Picnic - Gundiah