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Council amends times for Level Two water restrictions

28 November 2019
Fraser Coast Regional Council has listened to community feedback and will amend the times for when gardens can be watered, sprinklers used and pools filled under level two water restrictions that take effect next month.
Under the amended times, Fraser Coast residents will be permitted to use sprinklers and irrigation systems three nights a week between 6pm and 8am. Residents will be able to water gardens and fill swimming pools between 6pm and 8am each day.
Mayor George Seymour said Councillors had received a lot of feedback this week that limiting the watering times to between 8pm and 6am under level two restrictions was too onerous, particularly for the elderly and those requiring assistance.
“We believe by amending the times we will give people the opportunity to still water their gardens, use sprinklers and fill pools in the evenings and early mornings, while also taking steps to reduce the region’s water consumption during these hot, dry times,” he said.
“The Fraser Coast’s water supplies rely on rainfall, and unfortunately we have only received about a quarter of our average rainfall since 1 July.
“That’s why Council is encouraging Fraser Coast residents to reduce their water use, and why the region will move to level two restrictions from 9 December 2019.
“Every drop counts, and by being water-wise, you not only save water, you also save money on your water bill and help delay the introduction of even tougher restrictions.”
Level Two water restrictions, which will take effect on 9 December 2019, include:
  • Watering cans and buckets are permitted at any time;
  • Hand held hoses are permitted between 6pm and 8am but must have a water efficient trigger nozzle;
  • Irrigation systems (sprinklers, drippers, soaker hoses) are permitted on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays between 6pm and 8am only;
  • Washing windows and cleaning paved or concrete surfaces, external walls or public facilities is permitted at any time but only with a water efficient, high pressure device (eg Gerni);
  • Boat motor and trailer flushing is permitted at any time for a maximum of five minutes at a low water flow; and
  • Filling of swimming pools, spas and water features is only permitted between 6pm and 8am and must be monitored at all times.
Cr Seymour said Council had a range of water-wise tips on its website and had been posting tips on social media as well.
“It might be mulching your garden, using a swimming pool cover or checking regularly for water leaks – every little bit helps, particularly during these dry times,” he said.
More information about Fraser Coast’s current water restrictions is available at