Hervey Bay basketball facility takes a step forward


Fraser coast sport and recreational facility basketball 600x424 media release

Fraser Coast Regional Council has endorsed an innovative funding agreement to help the Hervey Bay Basketball Association at the Fraser Coast Sports and Recreation Precinct.

“Given the growth of basketball across the Fraser Coast, particularly in the Hervey Bay area over the past three decades, there is a critical shortage of appropriate sporting and community facilities to service the sport,” Cr Daniel Sanderson said.

“The proposal by Council is innovative and enables the association to build a modest interim facility to meet their needs for the next decade on land leased from Council at the precinct.”

Under the plan, developers within the catchment area for the precinct could choose to allocate their infrastructure charges to the development of community facilities at the precinct. Normally the funds are collected by Council which allocates them to a range of infrastructure projects within the catchment area.

“The infrastructure charges from the equivalent of 100 new housing lots would generate $2.8 million.

“Other projects would not be affected as funds collected from developers outside the precinct catchment area would still be available for other projects.

“The $2.8 million, coupled with $500,000 from the association would be enough for a facility with two indoor courts and one outdoor court.

“The community will be able to use the facility when the basketball association is not using it for practice and games, so Council is also providing additional community and recreational facilities at the precinct.”