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In all purchasing decisions, the Fraser Coast Regional Council is committed to achieving best value - to improve services and outcomes for the residents of the Fraser Coast.

Council, when seeking quotations and inviting tenders for the carrying out of work, or the supply of goods and services must have regard to the following principles:

  • open and effective competition;
  • value for money;
  • encouragement of the development of competitive local business and industry;
  • environmental protection; and
  • ethical behaviour and fair dealing.

Council has put together a guide that is intended as an information resource to assist suppliers and contractors who wish to supply goods and/or services to Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Local preference policy

Council encourages the development of competitive local businesses within the Local Authority boundary first, and second within the Wide Bay region.
Where price, performance, quality, suitability and other evaluation criteria are comparable, the following areas may be considered in evaluation offers:
  1. creation of local employment opportunities;
  2. more readily available servicing support;
  3. more convenient communications for contract management;
  4. economic growth within the local area;
  5. benefit to Council of associated local commercial transactions.



Methods of procurement

Depending on the level of expenditure, we are required to use different methods of procurement to ensure legislative compliance.  (All prices quoted in this guide are GST exclusive.)



Council must invite tenders before making a contract for the carrying out of work, or the supply of goods or services involving a cost of more than $200,000 or another amount as set forth in the LGA or regulations.

Exemptions to inviting tenders: refer Section 4 Procurement Policy (PDF191).
As a minimum, the invitation will be by an advertisement in a newspaper circulating generally in Council's local government area and will allow at least 21 days from the day of the advertisement for the submission of tenders.
Where appropriate, tenders may be advertised in a Brisbane metropolitan newspaper and/or a newspaper circulating in the district where potential tenderers are likely to be carrying on business or to be residing.
In addition, Council may choose to advertise using the LG Tender Box which is the e-Tendering solution designed specifically for Queensland local government.

Arrangement types

Purchase orders

When you are successful with your quotation and you have been added to our payment system, you will receive a purchase order with a reference number. This purchase order and number is essential to ensure prompt payment.

Purchase orders will be forwarded to you electronically.

Once you have the purchase order number you can supply goods, works or services to Council.

Contractors and suppliers should not supply any goods or services without first receiving a purchase order and in accordance with Council's Purchasing Terms and Conditions(PDF,153kB)

Our purchase order includes supplier name, ABN details, contact details, details of goods, works or services to be provided and the price.

Contracts and letters of acceptance

When you have submitted a successful tender you will receive a letter of acceptance detailing requirements prior to starting works or the supply of goods and services.  This may include copies of current insurances, safety plans, environmental plans, traffic management plans, relevant licences and accreditations along with any security deposits.

Two copies of the contract will accompany the letter of acceptance.  The provision of works, goods or services cannot start until we have received signed copies of the contract.


Invoicing and payments

Our standard payment terms are 30 days after the dated invoice month (nett).

Please ensure that the purchase order or relevant contract number is quoted on the invoice.  Use this number as a reference in any payment enquiries.

Our preferred method of payment is electronic funds transfer.  For prompt payment, please ensure that all your details including ownership changes, trading names, insurances and bank details are up to date.

Contact us

For further information please contact Council on 1300 79 49 29 or email