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Bikes on Urangan Pier

21 January 2020

Contrary to claims circulating on social media, Council is not fining people for riding their bikes, using wheelchairs or using trolleys on the Urangan Pier.

“Recently, a Council officer was called to the pier to deal with a dog complaint and while there the officer asked a number of people, in accordance with the local law, to walk their bikes on the pier for safety reasons”. 

“The local law has been in place since at least 2011 and our Council has always taken an education approach over enforcement” Deputy Mayor Darren Everard said.

“Council encourages everyone to behave in a respectful and safe manner when using the pier but there is no ‘crackdown’, no fines are have been issued, and there is no intention to restrict access to the pier”.

“In the coming financial year (2020/21), Council will undertake its regular review of all our local laws; residents will be encouraged to have their say on this local law as part of that review.”