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Daily water consumption targets within reach

9 January 2020

Residents have jumped on board Council’s push to lower water consumption.

“With the move to Level Two water restrictions on December 9 we also urged residents to lower their daily consumption to 210 litres,” Fraser Coast Mayor George Seymour said.

“Daily consumption has dropped significantly.

“The average daily consumption in the week ending December 9 was 274.91 litres per person. The next week it had dropped to 228.81 litres.

“The lowest was 208 litres a day for the week between Christmas and New Year with the lowest daily consumption recorded on Christmas Day.

“Unfortunately it has remained hot and dry. So while water consumption dropped markedly the day some parts of the region received 50mm in a storm, consumption has generally remained above our 210 litre a day target.

“We thank residents for their good work in lowering consumption and ask that they continue their water saving efforts.”

Much of the water used daily is on lawns and gardens, Cr Seymour said.

“I urge residents to fill their gardens with native plants and drought tolerant varieties that need less water to survive,” he said.

“Think about removing as much lawn as possible; and an added benefit is less time needed to mow and less grass clippings to get rid of.”

Council has a number of water saving tips and water-wise garden tips on its website.

“The region is now drought declared; Lenthall Dam has fallen to 59 per cent and Teddington Wier is sitting at 79 per cent capacity.

“If there is no rain by the end of March, Council will consider moving to Level Three restrictions.

“The more water we can save now will help us prolong our precious water supply.”

More information on the water restriction is available here