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Paws for thought this festive season

20 December 2019

Fraser Coast residents are being urged to ensure their pets are properly looked after during the festive season.

Mayor George Seymour said the Christmas-New Year period was a busy time of the year and it was important not to forget the welfare of our four-legged friends.
“If you’re travelling this summer holiday, and you choose to take your pet with you, you must remember that leaving them in the car with the windows down will not keep them cool,” he said.

“It doesn’t take long for the car to reach exceedingly high temperatures which can lead to tragic consequences. 

“If travelling long distances with your pets, make sure they are secure, the car has sufficient ventilation and you stop frequently to allow for a stretch and water.

“Likewise, if you choose to leave you pet at home, ensure they have access to shade and fresh water. If you are away overnight, have a neighbour or friend check in on them and feed them. Better still, book your cat or dog into a pet motel or boarding kennel where they are cared for 24/7.”

Cr Seymour said loud noises during the festive season can be quite distressing for animals and their fear can cause them to run away. 

“There are some important steps you can take to protect your pets,” he said.

“First of all, be prepared. Keep in the know about events that are happening in your local area. If you are home, avoid fussing over them and try to encourage normal activities such as playing, and reward calm behaviour with treats or toys.

“Create a comfortable space for your pet with curtains closed, put on music to help mask the outside noise. Lastly, make sure your dog or cat is microchipped and kept in a safe yard or inside so they cannot easily escape and injure themselves. 

“An identity or registration tag with your contact number can ensure your pet is returned quicker if found wandering. If you’ve lost or damaged your dog registration tag, get in touch with Council and we’ll replace it for free.”
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