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Mayor and Councillors Mayor and Councillors

Council is made up of the Mayor and ten Councillors who are elected by the community every four years to represent the views of residents within the region.

Under the Local Government Act 2009, it is the role of Councillors to determine strategic objectives and adopt a policies framework in order to lead Council into the future.

Our elected representatives are decisive, display strong leadership, promote the positive attributes and opportunities of the Fraser Coast, foster positive relationships and form cohesive partnerships with all tiers of government to benefit the community. 


Mayor and Councillors 


Cr George Seymour - Mayor

Telephone: 1300 79 49 29


Cr Darren Everard - Deputy Mayor - Division 7

Member of the Planning and Development Roundtable 

Member of the Economy Roundtable 
Mobile phone: 0448 045 041


Cr James Hansen - Division 1

Member of the Community and Culture Roundtable 

Member of the Environment and Regulatory Roundtable 
Mobile phone: 0448 074 310


Cr Anne Maddern - Division 2

Member of the Assets and Infrastructure Roundtable 

Member of the Governance and Organisation Roundtable 
Mobile phone: 0429 579 979


Cr Paul Truscott - Division 3

Member of the Economy Roundtable

Member of the Governance and Organisation Roundtable 
Mobile phone: 0429 599 709


Cr Daniel Sanderson - Division 4

Member of the Assets and Infrastructure Roundtable 

Member of the Community and Culture Roundtable 
Mobile phone: 0448 073 355


Cr Rolf Light - Division 5

Chairman of the Local Disaster Management group

Mobile phone: 0448 038 891


Cr David Lewis - Division 6

Member of the Environment and Regulatory Roundtable 

Member of the Community and Culture Roundtable 
Mobile phone: 0429 860 190


Cr Denis Chapman - Division 8

Member of the Assets and Infrastructure Roundtable 

Member of the Planning and Development Roundtable 
Mobile phone: 0429 492 500


Cr Stuart Taylor - Division 9

Member of the Governance and Organisation Roundtable  

Member of the Planning and Development Rountable  
Mobile phone: 0421 602 480


Cr Zane O'Keefe - Division 10

Member of the Economy Roundtable 

Member of the Environment and Regulatory Roundtable 
Mobile phone: 0436 622 472


Committees and reference groups

Councillors are appointed to represent Council on a number of committees and reference groups.

To view the current schedule of appointments click here (PDF,80kB).

Complaints and investigations

Code of Conduct

Councillors Discretionary Fund


For more information on the Councillors Discretionary Fund click here

Mayor's Community Benefit Fund

Objects and Purpose
The objects and purpose for which the Fund is established are to:
(a) respond to  needs  beneficial to the community; 
1. directly or indirectly providing for the relief of poverty, sickness, suffering, distress, misfortune, disability or helplessness to people in the community;
2. directly or indirectly providing relief to people in necessitous circumstances; and
3. planning for and assisting underprivileged or neglected children and families, people who are unemployed, single parents, people with a disability, the sick, the infirm, the aged and others in need of assistance.
(b) Assist community organisations and groups in order to pursue charitable purposes and/or other activities beneficial to the community;
(c) emergency support situations, including essential food items, emergency accommodation and/or repairs for life threatening situations; and
(d) do anything incidental or helpful to either of the above.
Examples that may be funded from the Mayor’s Community Benefit Fund include local Flood Appeals, donations to individuals in necessitous circumstances e.g. House fire victims or large donations to recognised community groups/foundations/hospitals.
Eligibility Criteria
(a) Applications may be made on a needs basis at any time to the Mayor’s Community Benefit Fund.
(b) Any decisions to allocate funding under the Mayor’s Community Benefit Fund will be considered and approved by a committee, by majority decision, consisting of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Chief Executive Officer.
(c) All funds donated are kept in a Council Trust Account.
(d) The maximum donation to any recipient from the Mayor’s Community Benefit Fund is $1,000.
(e) Funding cannot be provided under this Fund for the replacement of items that can be covered by insurance.
(f) Other funding sources are not available or appropriate for the purpose.
Donations to the Fund:-
Donations to the fund are not tax deductible and can be made by forwarding a cheque to the:-
Mayor’s Community Benefit Fund
Fraser Coast Regional Council
PO Box 1943
Or by donating at one of Council’s three Customer Service areas located at:-
Hervey Bay - 77 Tavistock Street, Torquay, Qld, 4655
Maryborough - 431-433 Kent Street, Qld, 4650 
Tiaro - Forgan Terrace, Qld, 4650 
Reporting: Total Donations received and funds distributed will be reported in the Council’s Annual Report with a confidential detailed report provided to Councillors.

Expenses reimbursement and provision of facilities

The Expenses Reimbursement and Provision of Facilities for Mayor and Councillors Policy (204kB) authorises the payment of reasonable expenses incurred by Councillors and outlines resources available to assist Councillors in their duties and responsibilities.  These include:

Expenses -  vehicle usage, conference registrations, accommodation, meals, travel expenses and telecommunications; and
Resources - administrative support staff, computer/iPad3, printer, modem and smart phone.

This policy applies to the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors and is made in accordance with Section 249 of the Local Government Regulation 2012.

Last updated 07/08/2019