Maryborough War Memorial

Memorial/Monument sites

The Maryborough War Memorial is constructed of grey granite rising to a 45 feet high obelisk surmounted by a life-sized winged victory in Carrara marble.

On the front and back of the obelisk are raised crosses and bronze lettering.

On buttresses forming a cross are life-sized statues, also in Carrara marble, representing the various military services: a soldier, a sailor, an airman and a Red Cross nurse - all standing at ease and based on Italian rather than Australian models.

The pedestal has bronze laurel wreaths and tablets bearing the names of local citizens who fell in World War I.

The front buttresses have additional tablets bearing the names of those who fell in WWII. The monument rests on circular concrete steps and a rock-faced granite base. At night it is illuminated.

Conflicts commemorated:

  • First World War, 1914-1918
  • Second World War, 1939-1945
  • Malayan Emergency, 1948-1960
  • Korean War, 1950-1953
  • Indonesian Confrontation 1962-66
  • Vietnam War, 1962-1972
Cnr Sussex and Bazaar Streets
Maryborough, QLD, 4650