Heatwave - helpful hints

A heatwave is a continuous spell of abnormally hot weather.

It usually occurs when there are a number of consecutive days with above-average temperature, often combined with high humidity.

The type of weather can impact on human and animal health and cause disruption to the power supply, public transport and services.

Who can it affect?

Everyone is vulnerable to the affects of a heatwave, however, there are certain groups of people that are most at risk including:

  • babies and children
  • seniors
  • pregnant women
  • people taking medications
  • anyone with a chronic or mental illness or other health conditions

Ways you can prepare for a heatwave

  1. Plan ahead to reduce the risk of getting heat exhaustion or a heat related illness.
  2. Look at alternatives to help cool your home or building.
  3. Have your air conditioner serviced.
  4. Prepare for a power failure.
  5. Listen to your local weather forecast.

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