Heritage and Character

  • Heritage

    Heritage relates to the significance of a place for past, present and future generations. It includes, but is not limited to, aesthetic, historic, scientific and/or social values. Our heritage places have been shaped by Queensland’s history, environment, resources, and people. The concept comprises places of cultural and natural significance that we want to keep, respect, and pass on to future generations.

There are a number of heritage places across the Fraser Coast that tell the rich history of the region.

Ancient fish traps, shell middens and scar trees are evidence of the Butchulla people’s connection to country and the diverse architecture throughout the city of Maryborough provides a tangible link to the prosperity that flowed into the region from the Gympie Gold Rush and the commerce and migrants moving through the port.

Hinterland areas like Brooweena, Bauple and Torbanlea each have their own unique histories which are brought to life in the buildings and places of the past.

  • Character

    Character is what makes a neighbourhood look and feel unique. A combination of different things (e.g. land, people, the built environment, history, culture, and tradition), makes one place feel different to another. It is an important concept as our surroundings influence our sense of place and place identity.

The Fraser Coast Planning Scheme 2014 recognises character precincts in Maryborough and Howard, in the Heritage and Neighbourhood Character Overlay, view here Mapping - Fraser Coast Heritage and Neighbourhood Character Overlay  

Council have undertaken a preliminary study into the character of the streets of Hervey Bay, Toogoom, Burrum Heads and Torbanlea and found that the housing styles and development patterns are rich and varied.

Hervey Bay was looked at in more detail in the Hervey Bay Character Study and the character found represents mainly post-war development patterns with low-maintenance coastal and some examples of Victorian, Federation and Interwar styles.

Houses and other buildings identified in this study, in precincts or styles, are not currently protected by the Heritage and Neighbourhood Character Overlay. The process for inclusion in the overlay requires a planning scheme amendment. The process for amending a planning scheme is set out in the Planning Act 2016 and the Minister's Guidelines and Rules.

As part of the Hervey Bay Character Study, Fraser Coast Regional Council collaborated with art students from five Hervey Bay high schools, to create a coffee table book called Streetscape Character of Hervey Bay – using the local built environment for inspiration to create artworks showcasing Hervey Bay character houses.

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