Information request stage

In some instances, Council may require additional information to process your development application. Under the Planning Act 2016, Council as the Assessment Manager will issue an information request for further information within the following timeframes.

  • Impact assessable and code assessable applications (with referral agencies) within 10 days of a confirmation notice being issued.
  • Code assessable applications (with no referral agencies) within 10 days of giving a confirmation notice.

The Act allows for the extension of the above timeframes.

External referral agencies can also submit information requests. A copy of the request is sent to the applicant and the assessment manager.

Information requests are commonly required to address the following items:

  • investigations into potential flooding and/or overland flow;
  • stormwater disposal;
  • unclear plans or lack of plans required to assess the development;
  • adequately assessing the Planning Scheme Codes; or
  • site access, parking and manoeuvring.

If your development application does not have the information needed for assessment, it may take longer to process than a well-made application.

Under the Act, you have three (3) months from the date of the information request to send the Information to the assessment manager.  The information you provide is then assessed.  The proposal may need to be amended as a result of the information request.

The application may be refused if the information provided in response to the information request is insufficient to allow for proposal assessment of the application.

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