Regulatory Compliance Search

A regulatory compliance search application (PDF,185kB) is recommended for any person who is proposing to purchase any existing business activity that requires a licence or any other approval under State legislation or Council’s local laws that is regulated by Council’s Environmental Health unit.

A sales search application assists you to fulfil your due diligence obligations prior to purchase and are fully aware of any outstanding requisitions or other non-compliant issues associated with the particular business activity that you are proposing to purchase.

Failure to make an informed choice before purchase may result in you accepting responsibility for any outstanding requisitions or otherwise bringing the business activity into compliance with all relevant legislative requirements.

Council’s Environmental Health unit regulates the following activities:

  • Food Act 2006 – e.g. Fixed food business activities, mobile food vehicles and domestic water carters

  • Public Health (Infection Control for Personal Appearance Services) Act 2003 - High-Risk Personal Appearance Premises – e.g. tattooists, body piercing

  • Environment Protection Act 1994 - Environmentally Relevant Activities that include asphalt manufacturing, plastic product manufacturing, metal forming,  metal recovery, surface coating, boat maintenance or repair, waste incineration and thermal treatment

Council’s Local Law approvals:

  • Caravan Parks and Camping Grounds

  • Budget Accommodation – e.g. backpackers, hostels, hotels

  • Public Swimming Pools – learn to swim centre, resort, hotel, motel

  • Commercial Use of local government controlled areas and roads – Mobile food vending and roadside food stalls