Water Quality, Erosion and Sediment Control

Draft Fraser Coast Regional Water Quality Strategy

Fraser Coast Regional Council has prepared a draft strategy for managing stormwater quality outcomes in the Fraser Coast region, the Draft Fraser Coast Regional Water Quality Strategy, which can be viewed here.
State policy supports the development of innovative and locally appropriate stormwater management solutions that provide flexibility to respond to local and site specific conditions. The Draft Fraser Coast Regional Water Quality Strategy provides a range of recommendations for protecting the environment through the improvement of water quality outcomes, while providing for sustainable development in the region. 

The draft strategy proposes  a clearer framework for meeting on-site treatment standards for new development, as well as providing an opportunity for offset payments to Council in lieu of shortfalls for eligible developments. This would allow developers to pay a monetary contribution to Council, (subject to meeting the offset eligibility criteria) and enabling Council to then invest that money in cost effective treatment strategies that improve water quality in another location. 

An Implementation Guideline has also been prepared to assist with the implementation of the Water Quality Strategy by providing guidance for preferred water sensitive urban design solutions for the Fraser Coast Region. The guideline also informs where opportunities exist for potential offsets where development constraints restrict full compliance with the State Planning Policy. The Implementation Guideline can be viewed here

Get involved

How can I provide feedback?

Council is seeking feedback on the draft strategy until close of business Friday 31 January 2019. 

Written submissions can be sent to:
Atten: Fraser Coast Regional Council
PO Box 1943, 
Hervey Bay, Qld. 4655

Erosion and Sediment Control 

Soil erosion from building and development sites can be a major source of sediment pollution in our waterways.

A cleared standard residential-sized block can lose up to four truckloads of soil in one storm.

The sediment can cause flooding, damage infrastructure and affects the water quality in our creeks, rivers and ocean including smothering sensitive in-shore coral colonies along Hervey Bay's foreshore.

Benefits of effective on-site erosion and sediment controls are:

  • All-weather site access;
  • Improved wet weather working conditions;
  • Improved drainage and reduced site wetness;
  • Reduced stockpile losses;
  • Less mud and dust problems;
  • Reduced clean-up costs;
  • Fewer public complaints;
  • Better public image, more marketable sites;
  • Reduced risk of fines;
  • Better fishing; and
  • Less damage to our environment.

What you can do

Everyone has a responsibility to protect the environment.

Site supervisors are required to make sure that all workers, including sub-contractors, do the right thing.

It is unlawful for any contaminant to enter a stormwater system.

If you do have an accident and pollution occurs, you are required by law to notify Council so we can work with you to minimise any harm to the environment.

Regulation of building and development sites

Authorised persons from Council enforce the environmental legislation and undertake routine inspections of building and development sites. 

They will provide advice and assist builders and developers to comply with their environmental duty under the Act.

Erosion and sediment control factsheet 


Further information

The Healthy Land and Water provides a number of factsheets to assist with erosion and sediment control such as basic principles and practices, examples, internal management systems review tool step by step guideline.

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For further information, please contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 1300 79 49 29 or email enquiry@frasercoast.qld.gov.au