Application Stage

Once the application is received it is entered into Council's record  systems and then allocated to a Development Assessment Planner or Engineer for assessment. 

The planner or engineer will review the application to confirm it is properly made.  Considerations include whether the owner’s consent is correct and the associated fee has been paid.

The assessing officer will contact the applicant to discuss;

  • The proposal
  • Identify any items required to make the application properly made
  • Introduce themselves and provide their contact details
  • Arrange a suitable time to visit the site. 

Once the application is properly made, the application is referred internally to Council’s engineers, strategic planners, and other relevant officers.

The application is also uploaded to Council's PD Online service. All documents contained in your application will be publicly available through this service.

Code assessable applications

If the application is code assessable a confirmation notice may be issued.

A confirmation notice will be issued if:

  • The application was not properly made and becomes properly made; and
  • If there are external referral agencies.  

Impact assessable applications

If the application is impact assessable, a confirmation notice will be issued once the application is considered properly made.

Contact us 

Contact Council's Development and Planning Department on 1300 79 49 29 for further assistance.

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