Butchulla Seasonal Garden

The Indigenous Trail

Responding to the slightest environmental changes and signs, the Butchulla moved around their country, taking only what they needed and ensuring there would always be enough for the next season and for future generations. Each clan, or family group had their own hunting and fishing area to use and maintain. In the Pre-Colonisation times fish and shellfish were much larger and all species of wildlife were more abundant.

Take a walk through this garden and learn more about the close connection between Butchulla dhaanban (people) and their djaa (country).

“All we left was a few footprints.” (Isaac Owens, K’gari Badtjala)

Walai-walai djau – cool and dry season
This season is generally walay (cool) and dauwa (dry) and for the Butchulla it is a season of plenty.
Ngurooingan – warm and wet season
When the weather warms and the wallum wildflowers start to flower ngurooingan is here. 

The Pathway represents the Great Sandy Strait: a perfect crossing zone between K’gari and the mainland.

The Spiral represents the cycle of life on K’gari (Fraser Island). Wood used to create the spiral is recycled timber salvaged from Urangan Pier timber, originally sourced from K’gari.

The Gardens represent the important traditional pathway from the coast to the Bunya Mountains, that was travelled by Butchulla people. 

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