Greig's Dry Vine Forest

Natural areas

Dry vine forest, such as this, are relics of vegetation that are now less common in Australia. Looking closely at the species of plants growing here can show us what the country once looked like, revealing long hidden secrets of the changes that have taken place.  This patch of forest holds over 60 species of plants which includes some large Acacia bakeri and Araucaria cunninghamii trees which are now unusual in the area. 

Robert Greig

Robert Greig was born in Adelaide in 1872 and resided on this site in 1903 and was the first European settler at this location.  With the assistance of his brother Samuel they cleared this land for grazing cattle and for growing sugar cane.  This patch of Dry Vine forest was left in-situ and is one of the few remaining examples of remnant Dry Vine forest remaining in this region.
Robert Greig died in 1923 at the Maryborough Hospital from appendicitis.  He was survived by his wife and 2 sons.  Following the death of Robert Greig his family sold the farm.

Lot 3 St Joseph Drive
Urraween, QLD, 4655