Queens Park - Walter Hill

Memorial/Monument sites

When Queens Park first came into existence as a Reserve for Park in 1873 its administration fell initially to the State Government and only later on to the local Council as its Trustee.

The then current and original colonial Botanist of Queensland, Walter Hill became heavily involved with the early development of this and other botanical parks in several other regional centres of the State.

He came with the experience of being the first Curator of the Brisbane Botanical Gardens, established prior to Queensland’s separation from New South Wales in 1859.

Hill supplied cuttings from the Brisbane Garden but also had contact with local pioneer entrepreneur and amateur horticulturist, Edgar Aldridge, who held some plants from John Carne Bidwill’s (Botanist and first Commissioner for Wide Bay) original collection.

The bunya pine (araucaria bidwilli) and the sausage tree (kigelia pinnata) are thought to be two of the current day survivors of these specimens.

The bunya pine can be found on the high bank near the river walk and the sausage tree near the Band Hall entrance beside the Judge’s Walk near the Court House.

31 December 1820 – 4 February 1904

Corner Bazaar and Sussex streets
Maryborough, QLD, 4650