Teddington Reserve

Natural areas

Teddington Weir is the perfect place for the family picnic. The park boasts a children’s playground, BBQ, undercover picnic table, Toilets and walking tacks.

Native mammals identified on site include the Vulnerable koala and Least Concern feathertail glider, sugar glider, common brushtail possum, common ringtail possum, swamp wallaby, pale field-rat, bush rat, yellow-footed antechinus, fawn footed melomys, echidna and long-nosed bandicoot.

Bushland at Teddington is a significant remnant in a heavily fragmented landscape. There are major corridor links to the west via the adjacent state forest and remnant vegetation on freehold land to the south-east. A riparian corridor is also present along Tinana Creek

The terrestrial reserve area plays an important role in providing riparian habitat and water quality protection for significant aquatic species in Tinana Creek. These include white-throated snapping turtle, Endangered Mary River turtle, Special Least Concern platypus, critically endangered Mary River Cod and Australian lungfish.

The reserve is located at Teddington Road, Teddington.

BBQ - wood supplied
Bird watching
Picnic shelter
Walking tracks

Birds recently spotted:

Lot 130 Teddington Road
Teddington, QLD, 4650