Great Sandy Strait

Including Maaroom, Boonooroo, Tuan, Poona and Tinnanbar

Fraser Coast is not immune to natural disasters.  Each disaster has lasting effects on people, their property and their possessions. Disasters can happen fast and without much warning. This means that it is hard to react to a disaster if you have not planned for one. 

The Fraser Coast Local Disaster Management Group and Council encourage residents to plan for natural disasters and knowing what your risks are and what might happen can help you make plans for your family and property.

Local Information

  • Evacuation Information

    The primary role of the Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) with regards to the management of evacuees is to provide safe, temporary accommodation for a short period until a threat has passed.

    The first preference is for people to ‘shelter-in-place’ – stay where you are – while this is the preferred option, it may not be possible due to the type of disaster occurring (i.e. approaching bushfire). If you are required to evacuate, the second preference is for people to leave the impacted area and shelter with friends and family (if safe to do so).

    During exceptionally wet periods the roads in and out of these coastal areas will flood at various locations such as Big Tuan Creek, Kalah, Scrubby and Poona Creeks plus numerous flood culverts.  TMR have place flood cameras along this road. These can be viewed on the Flood Camera layer on the Fraser Coast Disaster Dashboard.

    Should there be a need to open an evacuation centre the Local Disaster Management Group will ensure that there is ample notice provided of where such a centre will be and the best route to take.

    Locations may include the following facilities:

    • Maaroom Community Hall, Granville Rd, Maaroom QLD 
    • Boonooroo Progress Association, 117 Eckert Rd, Boonooroo QLD 
    • Poona Centenary Hall, 7 Snapper Drive, Poona QLD
    Information relating to the opening of Evacuation Centres will be announced via our information sources – please tune in to local radio ABC Wide Bay FM 100.1 or live stream ABC Listen - Wide Bay  and follow updates on the Facebook, Disaster Dashboard and Council’s Website.  You can also opt in to receive notifications via the Fraser Coast Disaster Dashboard which will be issued to areas required to evacuate.
    Storm Tide Evacuation Zones
    The following maps are indicative of possible evacuation zones for storm surge inundation.


  • Neighbourhood Safer Places

    A Neighbourhood Safer Place (NSP) is a local open space or identified building where people may gather, as a last resort, to seek shelter from bushfire.

                       Maaroom Community Sports and Recreation Oval, The Esplanade, Maaroom – Open Space


  • The Local Disaster Management Group has recognised the need to remain in contact with the communities that may become isolated, before, during and after disaster events, to keep them informed and to understand their needs. 

    The Community Resilience Network has been established in locations throughout the Fraser Coast local government area.  These committees have specific roles in assisting the Fraser Coast Local Disaster Management Group in the following matters:

    • Helping to build community resilience by spreading the disaster awareness message so people are prepared
    • Being the eyes and ears on the ground and sending information back to the Local Disaster Coordination Centre during an event
    • Being involved in the community’s recovery process.


    The settlements of Boonooroo, Maaroom, Poona and Tinnanbar have active Community Resilience Networks.  The Boonooro Committee operate from the Boonooroo Hall, Maaroom Committee will operate from the Maaroom Community Hall and the Poona Committee from the Poona Hall.  Tinnanbar will operate from the Rural Fires Brigade Headquarters, Tinnanbar  .

    For further information and contacts on the Community Resilience Network, please contact Council's Disaster Management Unit on 1300794929.

Helpful Contacts 

  • 000 (Triple Zero) - Life Threatening Emergencies
  • 1300794929 - Fraser Coast Regional Council - Council Services Emergencies 
  • 132296 or 000 - Ergon - Fallen powerlines - Stay away from fallen power lines and alert people of any dangers.
  • 131444 - Police Link
  • 1800333000 - Crimestoppers
  • 132500 - SES Assistance Download SES app

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