Flood Cameras

To further enhance preparedness and response, Council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) have installed flood monitoring cameras across the region. These flood cameras provide awareness enabling residents to observe flood levels on key roads and bridge assets in their community.

Flood Cameras have limitations as they are reliant on telecommunications and in some cases solar power. Still images generally update in the right conditions every 30 -60 mins. Always check the date and time stamp on the image. 

Flood Cameras should not be your only source of information during floods. Use these images in conjunction with BOM notifications, Road Closures found on the Fraser Coast Disaster Dashboard, information provided by emergency agencies or Council. These cameras are a specific location and a point in time and in large flooding events the situation can escalate rapidly making some information outdated.

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility of the user to make their own decision about the currency, accuracy and completeness of the information and images. Fraser Coast Regional Council does not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage incurred as a result of this information and images or its use in any way.


Lamington Bridge, Mary River, Maryborough

Lamington Bridge Gauge, Mary River, Maryborough

Granville Bridge, Mary River, Maryborough

Salt Water Crk, Maryborough/Hervey Bay Rd

Salt Water Crk Gauge, Maryborough/Hervey Bay Rd

Guava Street, Maryborough

Guava Street Field, Maryborough

Guava Street - Kent Street, Maryborough

Walls Camp Road, Pacific Haven

Pacific Haven Drive

Pacific Haven Drive

Pacific Haven Drive

Lenthall Dam

Burrum River Bridge

Burrum River Bridge Gauge

Teddington/Magnolia Weir, Tinana Crk

Teddington/Magnolia Weir, Tinana Crk

Mary River, Mungar Rd, Tiaro

Booral Rd, Bunya Creek

Boonooroo Rd near Refuse Tip, Sandy Strait

Boonooroo Rd near Kalah Crk, Sandy Strait

Maaroom Turnoff NW, Sandy Strait

Maaroom Turnoff SE, Sandy Strait

Maaroom Crk, M'borough/Cooloola Rd, Sandy Strait

Little Tuan Crk, M'borough/Cooloola Rd, Sandy Strait

Poona Crk, M'borough/Cooloola Rd, Sandy Strait

Gillis Gully, Tin Can Bay Rd

Ross Creek, Tin Can Bay Rd