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Disaster management plans Disaster management plans

Fraser Coast Local Disaster Management Plan

The Fraser Coast Local Disaster Management Plan (PDF,1.7MB) is a vital document for this region as it ensures a coordinated and effective system for disaster management exists for the Fraser Coast and details specific strategies relating to the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery from a disaster.

Bushfire Management Plan

The purpose of Council's Local Disaster Management Bushfire Management Plan (PDF,3MB) is to outline the procedural activities of organisations involved in preparing for and that may be required to combat the effects of a major bushfire within the region.

Evacuation Sub Plan

The purpose of Council's Evacuation Sub Plan (PDF,2.5MB) is to provide a general strategy for the evacuation of the Fraser Coast region. 

Evacuation should always be planned catering for the specific of an individual event based on the threat, nature of the event, time of year and urgency of the event.

Extreme weather event contingency plan

The plan covers preparations that boat owners should undertake prior to storm season and actions and alert advice.  Annex F specifically relates to the Fraser Coast Region.