Equal employment

Council commits to meeting the following EEO objectives:

Objective 1:
Ensure all employees understand EEO principles and a culture of equity and diversity is encouraged and supported. The Council will provide training and guidance to staff on its EEO objectives and employee responsibilities.

Objective 2: 
Enable members of target groups and of varying cultural backgrounds to compete for recruitment, selection and promotion as effectively as people who are not of a target group by ensuring assessment is based on merit, equity and job-related competencies.

Objective 3:
Ensure employment policies and work practices are fair and non-discriminatory and address employment of culturally diverse and target group members.

Objective 4:
Ensure all employees have equity of access to learning and development opportunities. Tailor learning and development initiatives to the needs of the audience ensuring consideration to EEO target groups and cultural diversity.

Objective 5:
Ensure necessary and reasonable adjustments to the workplace are made to enable a person with a disability to complete the requirements of their role. Adjustments will be made unless where imposes an unjustifiable expense to Council.


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