Street trees

The important role street trees play within the urban environment is recognised by Council.  

Apart from contributing to a more aesthetically pleasing environment, street trees also provide many other benefits including:

  • Provision of shade,
  • Reduction of “greenhouse gases” through carbon offsetting,
  • Water and air quality improvement,
  • Psychological benefits,
  • Erosion control, and
  • Temperature buffering 

Further information is available in Council's Tree Management Policy (PDF,2.2MB)


  • Residents cannot plant trees on Council controlled land. Requests for street tree planting can be made to Council and will be considered for inclusion in the capital tree planting program.

    Council understands that there are some residents who would like to beautify the nature strip in front of their residential properties. To allow this, residents are being encouraged to plant a nature strip garden, subject to them meeting certain criteria. Learn more here - Planting on Nature Strip

  • Council’s street tree planting program is dependent upon available resources. A set amount is identified each year within Council’s Capital works budget for tree planting.

    The Greening the Fraser Coast Strategy has been developed as a guiding document to inform the roll-out of Council tree planting programs and drive Council's commitment to plant 100,000 trees by 2030.

  • Council does not currently give away free trees to residents.

  • No.  It is against the local laws to damage or interfere with a street tree. If you have a concern about your street tree or think that it requires pruning, contact Council on phone 1300 79 49 29.

  • If you are planting trees within your property boundary, consideration of powerlines will help keep the power on and you safe. 

    • Plants must be at least three metres from power poles. 
    • If your tree will grow to five meters, you should plant it five meters away from the power pole. If it will grow to ten meters, it should be ten meters away.
    • Allow for at least a two metre gap between the service wire to your home and the height of mature trees.
    • Consider the location of overhead and underground services, including the service line to your home. Visit Before You Dig Australia to request information about underground cables on or near your property.
    • Consider which type of tree you should plant. Check the Plant smart search and choose a powerline-friendly plant.
    • REMEMBER: Residents cannot plant trees on the nature strip within the Fraser Coast local government area.

Contact us

For further information please contact Council’s Open Space and Environment Team on phone 1300 79 49 29.