Get Ready for Storm Season

It’s time to prepare for storm season and protect what’s most important to you.

Have a plan, pack an emergency kit, clean up around your yard, and sign up for Disaster Dashboard notifications.

Council offers free disposal of green waste and certain outdoor items to help residents clean up before storm season.

Items such as potted plants, outdoor furniture, overhanging branches, and trampolines can become dangerous missiles in a storm. 

Click here for a full list of accepted items

More information about preparing for natural disasters can be found on the Get Ready website. 

Download the Fraser Coast Emergency Guide and the Dangerous Weather Checklist

Remember, green waste and other recyclable items can be disposed of for free anytime. As long as these items are sorted before arrival and can be put into the correct collection bins at the transfer stations and landfills, there is no charge.

Keep your family, home and pets safe.

  1. Make an emergency kit – Your kit should have supplies you need for several days in case you lose power and water. Pack enough for every member of your family (including pets and medication).
  2. Make your emergency plan – Discuss possible scenarios and what you would do.
    - Where will you go if you need to evacuate?
    - How will you care for your pets and livestock?
    - Do you have any medical conditions or special needs that must be considered?
    Having a plan means that everyone in your household knows what to do when severe weather warnings are issued.
  3. Clean around your home - Here are some jobs to do throughout the year before dangerous weather comes:
    - Keep your roof in good condition and check it regularly.
    - Keep gutters and downpipes clear so water can drain away quickly.
    - Trim trees and branches that overhang your home. Green waste can be taken to Fraser Coast waste facilities for free.
    - Secure, weigh down or put away any loose items around the house, yard or balcony. Items such as potted plants, outdoor furniture, garbage bins, and trampolines can become dangerous missiles.
  4. Make sure you're covered - Check your home, contents and vehicle insurance is up to date and provides suitable coverage. 
  5. Stay informed - Know where to go for information and warnings.
    - Opt-in for notifications from the Fraser Coast Disaster Dashboard
    - Listen to your local ABC radio station for updates
    - For power outage information, visit the Ergon website
    - For traffic and road closure information, visit the QLD Traffic website
    - For weather information, visit the Bureau of Meteorology website  
    - For emergency help in storms and floods, including sandbag requests, call SES 132 500
  6. Check your neighbours - Get to know your neighbours and consider people in your neighbourhood who may need your help.

For further information, please contact 1300 79 49 29 or email