Fraser Coast Planning Scheme Text

Last updated: 09 September 2019

Follow the links below to view/download each part of the Fraser Coast Planning Scheme 2014.

Citation and Commencement
The Citation and Commencement includes citation information and the commencement date.

Part 1 - About the Planning Scheme
Part 1 introduces the scheme and outlines legislative requirements.

Part 2 - State Planning Provisions
Part 2 identifies the state planning provisions reflected in the planning scheme.

Part 3 - Strategic Framework
The Strategic Framework sets the policy direction for the planning scheme.

Part 4 - Local Government Infrastructure Plan
The Local Government Infrastructure Plan identifies council's plans for trunk infrastructure to service urban development efficiently.

Part 5 - Tables of Assessment
Part 5 identifies the category of development and category of assessment and assessment benchmarks for assessable development and requirements for accepted development.

Part 6 - Zones
Part 6 contains the zone codes for the 21 zones covering residential, centre, industry, open space and other zones.

Part 7 - Local Plans
Part 7 contains the Local plan codes for each of the 8 local plan areas covering emerging communities and principal activity centres.

Part 8 - Overlays
Part 8 contains the Overlay codes for 12 overlays mapped in Schedule 2 (mapping).

Part 9 - Development Codes
The Development codes (e.g. use codes and other codes) provide assessment benchmarks for assessable development and requirements for accepted development subject to requirements.

Schedule 1 - Definitions
Schedule 1 contains use and administrative definitions for the planning scheme.

Schedule 2 - Mapping
Schedule 2 contains the maps relating to the strategic framework, zones, local plan precincts, overlays and structure plans that are applicable to the planning scheme area.

Schedule 3 - Local Government Infrastructure Plan Mapping and Tables
Schedule 3 contains the local government infrastructure plan mapping and tables.

Schedule 4 - Notations required under the Planning Act 2016
Schedule 4 includes a list of all notations required under the Planning Act 2016. This schedule may be updated from time to time to include new notations.

Schedule 5 - Designation of premises for development
Schedule 5 provides details of land designated for development of infrastructure. This schedule may be updated from time to time to note new designations.

Schedule 6 - Planning scheme policies
Schedule 6 contains the planning scheme policies that support the planning scheme.

Appendix 1 - Index and glossary of abbreviations and acronyms
Appendix 1 includes a list and description of abbreviations and acronyms used within the planning scheme.

Appendix 2 - Table of Amendments
Appendix 2 provides for a list of all amendments made to the planning scheme.