Recycling and Waste

Council is committed to increasing the reuse and recycling of materials and reducing waste to landfill. The following provides information on bin collection days, disposal of green waste, waste facility and hours and other items to assist with recycling and waste.

A survey will be undertaken of residential recycling bins to determine recycling rates and ensure services are meeting the needs of the community. This survey will include collecting bin contents from randomly selected households at the kerbside and will occur on bin collection day and be aggregated as a truckload from one suburb.

Bin contents will be sorted at the usual processing location to determine the recycling rate. The correctly presented recycling in the bins will be recycled. The other waste that should not have been placed in the recycling bins, and any material in plastic bags, will be landfilled. This is why residents should not place general waste and plastic bags in the recycling bins.

The data will be aggregated from the truckload collected. No individual household data will be collected.


    • Waste bins -  for general waste - emptied weekly
    • Recycling bins - serviced fortnightly, on alternating weeks

    Bins must be out by 6am on the day of collection, even if your collection is usually later in the day, as routes and shifts can change. Your bins should be brought back in within 24 hours of being serviced, to help reduce bin theft and road hazards. Missed collections should be reported within 48 hours.

    To ensure your bins are emptied, please ensure the following:

    • bins are on the kerbside (not the gutter or road) with the opening facing the road before 6am on your collection day;
    • bins are presented at least one (1) metre apart for collection;
    • do not overfill your bins. The lid must close properly;
    • bins do not weigh more than 75kg;
    • there are no cars, trees or overhead wires blocking access to your bins;
    • your bins are removed from the kerbside on the day, or after they have been serviced;
    • when you move premises, bins must remain with the property. Do not take them to your new premises.

    Bin Service Fact Sheet

    What's my bin day?

    Use Council's waste mapping service to find out when your bin day is by clicking here. See below instructions for the mapping service to find out when your bin/s will be collected and if you are week A or week B.

    • Click on Property Mapping to access the map;
    • Click on address search (located on the bottom toolbar);
    • Type in your full address eg. 77 Tavistock Street, Hervey Bay; and
    • Details of your bin collection day will appear in the right-hand column.

    Download the recycling calendar to mark when your recycle bin is collected for future reference.

    Recycling calendar

    Alternatively, if you are unsure when your bin collection day is please contact Council on 1300 79 49 29.

    Missed, stolen or damaged bins

    If your bin is missed, stolen or damaged, contact Fraser Coast Waste on 1300 79 49 29.

    Recycling and waste service collection

    If you require a new recycling or waste service or a cancellation/modification to your existing service, please complete an application form (PDF) and return to Council.

  • A Chemclear Collection has been announced for Qld in June 2019. Registration of chemicals will close in Mid-April.

    Chemclear collects unawated and out of date agriculture and vet chemicals.

    ChemClear collection information (PDF, 628 kB)

  • Large quantities of commercial and industrial waste can be disposed of at Council’s Hervey Bay and Maryborough Waste Facilities.

    Small quantities of commercial and industrial waste disposal (utes and trailers only) are accepted at all other Council waste facilities.

    Refer to Hervey Bay and Maryborough Commercial waste fees and charges flyers.

    For a full list of Council fees and charges click here.

    For more information on Hazardous Waste Disposal see Disposal of Hazardous waste tab.

  • Hazardous wastes and special waste burials can only be disposed of at the Maryborough Waste Facility, Saltwater Creek Road.

    Arrangements can be made by contacting our Customer Service Centre on 1300 79 49 29.

    All Council waste facilities are managed in accordance with the requirements of the Environment Protection Act 1994 and the Environmental Protection (Waste Management) Regulations 2000.

    Disclaimer: Council accepts no liability for any damage to persons or vehicles using a facility.

    Disposal of needs

    It is an offence to dispose of needles and syringes in an unsafe manner. Fines of up to $2,200 apply.

    To minimise the risk, needles, syringes and packaging containing blood or saline should always be placed into a sharps disposal container or sealed container, they should never be placed in a recycle bin or flushed down the toilet.

    Where can I obtain a needle disposal container?

    Queensland Health's Needle and Syringe Programs (NSPs) provide free disposal containers.

    Contact Clean Needle Helpline on 1800 633 353.

    You can also purchase needle disposal containers from most pharmacies.

    Disposal of asbestos

    Asbestos can be a health hazard if it's not disposed of properly.

    All asbestos waste for landfill disposal must be double wrapped or double bagged in heavy-duty 0.2mm polyethylene sheeting and tape sealed and clearly marked 'ASBESTOS'.

    Broken sheeting and associated waste should be placed directly into disposal bins that have been double lined with polyethylene sheeting.

    For more information, download the Disposal of Asbestos Fact Sheet (PDF,440kB)


  • Fraser Coast Waste provides a waste service for community events held throughout the region.

    Event organisers can request bins by submitting an application at least one (1) week prior to the event.

    There are two service options available:

    Incorporating waste management in the planning of your event is important in order to reduce, reuse and recycle.

  • Fraser Island residents and visitors can dispose of their waste at Council’s three waste disposal sites located at:

    • Orchid Beach
    • Happy Valley
    • Eurong

    Please sort your waste

    Bulk bins are provided for general household waste, with designated areas for:

    • Green waste;
    • Steel; and
    • Small quantities of Construction and Demolition materials.

    Recycling collection is not available on the Island at this time, however Council encourages recyclables to be brought back to the main land and disposed of correctly.

    Conditions of entry

    • Footwear must be worn at all times
    • Gates to remain closed at all times
    • Children are to remain in vehicle at all times
    • All waste should be placed in bins or allocated areas as signed
    • If bin is full, move to next bin
    • Keep lids on bins closed
    • No authorised lighting of fires
    • No scavenging

    Regulated waste

    Regulated wastes such as asbestos, engine and cooking oils and tyres must not be disposed of on Fraser Island. These waste materials must be brought to the Maryborough Waste Facility or disposed of through a licensed regulated waste transporter.

    Contact us

    For further information, contact Fraser Coast Waste on 1300 79 49 29.

  • Council encourages residents to recycle their green waste by taking up to 4m3 or 1 tonne of clean garden waste for free to one of Council's landfill sites or transfer stations.  Please note that green waste is not accepted at the Aramara or Yengarie Transfer Stations.

    Loyalty Card

    Loyalty cards are accepted a most sites. Customers will be asked to present their card at the gate.

  • The Queensland Government's new waste levy commences 1 July 2019. The levy can be avoided by recycling and sorting your load.

    Read more information about Waste disposal levy on Queensland Government state website.

  • Fraser Coast Waste manages recycling and waste operations for 11 waste facilities across the Fraser Coast.

    Council has two (2) reuse markets located at the Hervey Bay and Maryborough waste facilities with reuse item drop off zones.

    To view locations and hours, click below.


  • View your bin day, waste collection areas, waste facility locations and other data related to waste services by using the online waste services mapping tool.

Contact us

For further information, please contact Fraser Coast Waste on 1300 79 49 29 or email