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Shoreline Erosion Management Plan Shoreline Erosion Management Plan

Fraser Coast Regional Council has undertaken the preparation of a Shoreline Erosion Management Plan (SEMP) for the Fraser Coast Local Government Area.

The intent of this plan is to assist Council in the response to the current and future coastal erosion processes. This plan encompasses the 112km of shoreline from Burrum Heads in the north, to Tinnanbar in the south, and includes those parts of the shoreline immediately landward (i.e. within 100m) of the mean high water mark.

The SEMP process has been broken into two stages:

  • Stage 1 - Gap Analysis Study - Collation of important datasets, background reports and community values. A Gap Analysis report completed this stage. (see below)
  • Stage 2 - Management Options and Recommendations Study - Coastal processes, risk assessment and an assessment of erosion management options. An Options Assessment report completed this stage (see below).

A final Stage 3 (Management Plan) was proposed during the planning stages of the SEMP, which is now being undertaken on a location by location basis.  For example, Council has commissioned the preparation of a strategy to upgrade the Hervey Bay Foreshore between Halcro and Dayman Streets.  

The main objectives of the strategy are to undertake whole of life cycle costs for different revetment types, prioritise areas for revetment, develop a balanced program for renewal and augmentation of existing revetments, and prepare detailed design for revetments to be constructed in the next three years.  

After the significant erosion that occurred in January 2014, the current priority areas for new coastal protection works are between the Torquay Boat Ramp and Ron Beaton Park.

Gap Analysis report

Shoreline Erosion Management Options Assessment


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