Howard Sewage Treatment Facility

Project overview

The $6.8M Howard Sewerage Project will provide a new sewerage treatment facility that will service existing properties currently connected to the wastewater treatment system (the properties currently connected are, on the whole, the commercial premises on William and Steley Streets).

In addition, the system will also service the proposed AHC aged care facility and with further capacity of an additional 114 connections to accommodate possible future expansion of the commercial area of Howard.

These additional connections will be used to service new developments only and, as such, the Howard Sewerage Project does not include provision to extend the collection system to connect existing residential properties.

The construction of this new treatment system allows for the required additional capacity for commercial connections to unlock sustainable development, create jobs and contribute significantly to the economic growth of the township of Howard.

Click on the link below to download the current fact sheet:

Howard Sewage Treatment Plant Fact Sheet

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