Toogoom tree vandalism ‘disappointing and destructive’


Fraser Coast residents are being urged to ‘dob in an environmental vandal’ following confirmation trees along the Toogoom foreshore have been poisoned.

Cr Jade Wellings said a sign would be installed on Moreton Street near the walkway to Toogoom Beach asking for residents to help protect foreshore trees.

“Soil samples show that a herbicide was used to kill several mature trees along a 40-metre section at the top of a rock retaining wall,” Cr Wellings said.

“It is very disappointing that someone would kill such magnificent trees. People enjoying a day out at the beach have been robbed of shade.

“People using poison to kill trees along our foreshore is a worrying trend. This incident occurred less than four months after it was confirmed trees at Point Vernon were poisoned.

“The poison causes a lot of damage and can stay in the ground for many years,” Cr Wellings said.

“It can stay in the soil killing the new trees we plant; it can be washed by the rain to kill trees nearby or out into the ocean and cause further environmental damage.”

The dead trees will be pruned to ensure that limbs will not fall on people using the stairs to access the beach.

“As much of the trunks and branches as possible will be left to provide homes for wildlife,” Cr Wellings said.

“Anyone who sees people vandalising trees in Council parks, gardens and natural areas can report it to the Council Call Centre 1300 79 49 29.

“The trees in our parks and on our foreshore belong to all of us, and this deliberate and destructive vandalism is just not on.”

Fraser Coast Regional Council is currently undertaking community engagement on illegal tree destruction with a report due to go to a Council meeting in August.